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Just Sayin’

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I grew up in a small town in Maryland. Baltimore was the closest big city to us. So, my parents went to an occasional Orioles game. 

But we didn’t have much going in the way of the NFL during my childhood. The Colts’ run ended in 1984 and the Ravens didn’t come along until 1996. I moved to Florida right around that time, so I never got a chance to really grow a passion for the team. 

I met my husband while living in Florida and from date number one, he told me he wanted to get back to Kansas City at some point. He was born and raised in the Northland, graduated from Mizzou and then moved to Ft. Lauderdale simply for a change of scenery and a little fun. He knew he didn’t want to live there forever. He wanted to go home.

I couldn’t escape my small-town Maryland life fast enough, so I moved to South Florida and started my radio career. I loved the sunshine and fast-paced atmosphere, but I missed the change of seasons and I missed something else; I just couldn’t put my finger on it at the time. Matthew proposed, he got a job offer in KC, we packed up our things and moved here in 2004.

I had heard about the “Midwestern way”—good, hardworking, genuine people. It sounded like the kind of place I’d like to raise a family. We got settled, I started my job on the air at Mix 93.3 and began to immerse myself in the KC community. With every listener I met, every charity I became involved with, every store I shopped, every restaurant I dined, I fell in love. The Midwestern way rumors are true.

I also loved the way every person in the city wore Royals and Chiefs gear, depending on the season! Remember, I never really felt that I had teams to root for. Well, I jumped right in and filled my closet with blue and red gear. I became a cheerleader for the Kansas City Brigade arena football team while they were here. When Sporting KC was the KC Wizards, I got involved and helped the team create a promotional group of girls to cheer ’em on! I had a lot of fun becoming a part of such a super-cool city that welcomed me with open arms.

Now as I’ve settled into soccer mom life with our family of four, I realize that other thing that I missed. That thing I couldn’t put my finger on at the time. It’s stability. It’s roots. It’s family. I’m so proud to call this city my home and that my children are growing up in such an incredible city, surrounded by family and good-hearted people. KC, you stole my heart.

Written by: Mix 93.3 Personality, Jenny Matthews

Jenny Matthews is the host of Mix 93.3’s ‘Jenny Matthews Show’, 10am -3pm, Monday – Friday. Check out Jenny’s podcast ‘Real Life with Jenny Matthews,’ follow along with her blog and connect at