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The Hemp Haus and the Power of Puffin Hemp: Former Manchester United Player Credits Puffin Hemp with Return to a Healthy, Happy Life

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Michael Nardiello was a young man when he signed with Premier League football club Manchester United, and, tragically, he was still a young man when his career ended due to injury. At 14 years old, he left home to become a professional footballer. By the time he was 18, he had played with three Premier League clubs. That’s also when pain began disrupting his training, and, eventually, his life.

You don’t have to be a pro athlete to relate to what happened next. 

The pain started in his back, then his neck and knees. He had a double hernia. Rehabilitation was built on treating his symptoms, not the cause, which ended up being an extensive injury to the pubic symphysis located in the pelvis. Eventually, he wasn’t able to train at all.

“That was kind of the end of my career,” a now 29-year-old Nardiello said. “I blinked, and it was kind of over.”

In 2014, Nardiello came to the U.S. to coach soccer in Kansas City. Pain, however, still plagued his life. Standing for ten minutes resulted in severe discomfort in his lower back. Recovering from the simplest workout was difficult, especially during Kansas winters. Daily obstacles were a burden.  

Nardiello only wanted to live a healthy, pain-free life. That’s when Puffin Hemp came in. 

The man behind Puffin Hemp Liposomal Carrier is Dr. Emek Blair, an award-winning chemist and the founder of CELLg8 technology, the power behind Puffin Hemp Liposomal Carrier. Think of liposomes as building blocks that bind easily with cell membranes to get hemp actives right into the bloodstream. Because of CELLg8 technology, Puffin Hemp Liposomal Carrier dramatically increases broad spectrum CBD absorption into the blood up to 20x higher than hemp and 10x higher than similar formulas on the market. That means more CBD and hemp actives get into the bloodstream, making them powerfully effective. 

Since Nardiello has been taking Puffin Hemp Liposomal Carrier, his life has dramatically improved. “Usually within ten minutes I can feel the edge of any pain or inflammation in my body dissolving.” His workouts and sleep are longer and of better quality. 

“Puffin Hemp has allowed me to have a better, pain-free life.”

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