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Nobody Budgets for Cancer

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And no family plans for the stress and trauma of dealing with childhood cancer. That’s where Supporting Kids Foundation, or SKF, steps in. Founded in Lenexa in 2009, the organization was created to assist families battling the emotional and financial strains of the diagnosis. SKF helps to ensure that parents can remain focused on being their child’s source of comfort during treatment and not worry about the bills piling up at home. 

Technology Group Solutions, a certified minority- and woman-owned enterprise, enables growth and organic development of new, small businesses within the Kansas City community. The company was founded by CEO Lenora Payne in 2005. Lenora’s purpose is to educate students and companies on the opportunities within the technology realm and create growth opportunities for kids and college grads. She has aided local companies in creating diversity programs and equal opportunities for women and immigrants. Technology Group Solutions, or TGS, has partnered with SKF for the past five years. “Who we are as a company within the community and the things we’re doing with Supporting Kids Foundation is all led by Lenora,” said Richard Long, vice president of sales and business.

 The TGS and SKF organizations have worked together to create charitable events such as the annual Poker Night, spreading the message: “Not everyone is dealt a fair hand.” Together, Technology Group Solutions and Supporting Kids Foundation continue to leave a lasting impact and help Kansas City-area families battle childhood cancer with dignity and peace of mind.