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The Hemp Haus and Dr. Emek Blair

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The Hemp Haus is very selective about its CBD products. Puffin Hemp Liposomal delivers CBD like no other product available, thanks to award-winning chemist Dr. Emek Blair. He’s spent over a decade perfecting his unique liposome technology. But like a lot of great discoveries, it almost didn’t happen!

“I always say I was tricked into this field,” Dr. Blair laughed. “I was raised with holistic nutrition. It was very important to my parents.” He thought his mom was being nice by giving him chocolate shakes; he didn’t find out until later that they were loaded with fish oil, raw eggs and herbs. Intrigued by nutrition, Dr. Blair went on to study enzymes for five years. In his experiments he kept accidentally making liposomes, naturally. After much frustration, he finally realized that he had discovered something quite inadvertently: a natural and efficient way to produce liposomes. 

So what are liposomes? Simply put, they are the body’s natural delivery package for getting nutrients safely and efficiently into the bloodstream. It’s exactly how babies take nutrition from breast milk. And Dr. Blair has designed CELLg8 liposome technology, which is a specific delivery package for CBD. It has an 85 percent absorption rate—that’s 10 times higher than the next best formula on the market. This means that CBD can get into the blood quickly and that a lower dose can be taken with a greater effect. 

Moreover, Puffin Hemp is the only liposomal formula that can back up its claims in multiple ways. There’s the data-based testing for the 85 percent absorption rate. Dr. Blair has performed successful clinical safety studies with Puffin Hemp. His company runs expensive tests to ensure that their Colorado hemp includes all the various cannabinoids and whole-plant nutrients, with no contaminants or pesticides present. And most impressively, Puffin Hemp is the only CBD in the world to be certified Good Manufacturing Practice, or cGMP, for hemp. 

The Hemp Haus doesn’t settle for less than products that are setting the standard for the CBD industry. When asked about owners Eric and Zach, Dr. Blair said, “There’s a reason they’re the only ones selling Puffin Hemp. We’re friends that are passionate about the same thing.”

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