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MaxLife: Balance for Life Provides Success for Men

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June is Men’s Health month, so we sat down with some of the men who come to MaxLife to get a male’s perspective of what weight loss and overall health means to them and why they love MaxLife.

One of the men told us he feels there is a stigma that men shouldn’t seek help with losing weight or getting healthier, but he believes that is far from the truth. There is nothing weak or feminine about wanting better overall health and appearance. After all, your golf swing improves when your midsection has some range of motion! 

Another man stated that his wife went through the program before he did, and her amazing health changes inspired him to come into the office. He is a supportive husband and has followed his wife through each of her attempts at weight loss, trying numerous different programs. Even though they both would lose some weight, he felt they were never actually healthier. To make it even worse, each time they ended a program, they would gain the weight back, and in most cases, they gained more back than they lost. After following MaxLife, they both have lost significant weight, but he feels that is not even the most important result. He feels that his energy levels are greater now than when he was 30! His quality of sleep has improved dramatically; he has regained the ability to run multiple miles without excruciating pain, and he feels healthier than he has in years.  

Another gentleman stated that he was successful because the program is easy to follow and MaxLife has an amazing support team that guides you through the entire program. MaxLife’s program journal lays out everything, so you just open it up and follow it every day.  

Every male we talked with has had a similar reaction to the level of support and education they receive here at MaxLife, which helps them learn more about their eating habits and their body’s internal reaction to certain types of foods. We are also very excited to announce that we have launched a new lifestyle membership program called Balance for Life. These programs have been specifically designed to maintain maximum health long after you have chiseled out your summer bod!

Dr. Darin Upchurch, who has practiced for almost 25 years, has always had a passion for helping others achieve their best while aligning himself with the leading edge of health, wellness and weight loss, always keeping up with the latest technology. Advancements in technology improve positive outcomes, create increased efficiency, and eliminate the guesswork when it comes to health.