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Beach Happy Travel: Making Your Dream Escape a Reality

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When you have a vision, trust your intuition and pursue your dreams. This was the mindset Kristin Freeman had in 2016. After spending years in the corporate world as a human resources executive, she decided it was time for a change and she knew precisely what path to follow. Travel has always been Kristin’s passion, but she needed to decipher how to make it a career. After countless hours of research, conversations with experts in the travel industry and months of training, Beach Happy Travel became reality. Why Beach Happy Travel? “I love a warm-weather escape with white sandy beaches where I can relax with my family.” Kristin said. When Kristin initially started her travel agency, the majority of her clients were close family and friends wanting to have similar relaxing beach vacations. As she continued to expand her knowledge of the travel industry, Beach Happy Travel flourished as well.

After a year on her own, word-of-mouth referrals and local advertising grew the business exponentially. Kristin knew she could not do it all on her own. “My start up business took off and the continued growth quickly made me realize I needed a team. The goal was to find others who had a passion for travel but who would also be committed to making sure our clients have the trip of a lifetime.” Kristin created a team solely focused on consultants who had knowledge, expertise and skill with worldwide travels. As the number of consultants grew, so did the requests and interests of the clients to have experiences beyond the beach. The expanding destinations required the creation of Fly Over Travel, to offer worldwide travel services. 

The past couple of years exceeded Kristin’s and the team’s expectations! The abundance of referrals aided in the expansion of client base throughout the United States. While the agencies’ clients are heavily concentrated in the Kansas City area, Beach Happy Travel and Fly Over Travel have a presence across the country. Kristin explains, “Our business consists of five consultants, all of whom have various backgrounds, interests and have lived in various parts of the United States. This has allowed us to grow organically; between phone calls, Facetime and email, referrals and technology have made it seamless to develop beyond Kansas City.”

Beach Happy Travel and Fly Over Travel are full-service travel planning agencies, offering travel design for vacations worldwide. “You dream it and we can make it a reality” is the team slogan. The consultants plan everything from individual vacations, family vacations and group spring breaks to destination weddings, honeymoons and corporate retreats. Kristin says, “We continue to expand our knowledge of various countries and destinations and we’re perpetually learning about new excursions to showcase to our clients. We work hard to create dream vacations for our clients. We thrive on exceeding our
clients’ expectations!”