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291 Nutrition & Energy

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“Nothing tastes as good as wellness feels!” that’s our lifestyle motto!
After we worked to climb the corporate ladder, we became complacent eaters and neglected our health, not realizing we would pay later for that lifestyle as we got older. After a couple of health scares, thyroid and back issues, we made a change and took control of our health. Heading into retirement, we knew we wanted a more vibrant, healthier existence, so we chose an Herbalife Nutrition plan of two plant-based protein shakes, two meal replacement snacks and a colorful healthy meal. It wasn’t hard, and the shakes are delicious and customizable.

Our energy increased; we became more active and learned more about living a healthier lifestyle by making healthier food choices, getting moderate exercise and proper hydration. Balanced nutrition from our shakes and supplementation is now our daily routine and we feel better than we did in our 30s! Eleven years after our lifestyle changes, Pete has lost 70 pounds and Diane has lost 40 pounds. It’s a lifestyle that we’re happy we chose! It works for us.

We weren’t looking for a business, but being retired, the business found us. Our friends and families watched our journey and kept asking how we did it! We trained for over a year and then decided to help others as a result.

We chose the Herbalife model because of the results we were able to achieve, and so we opened a Herbalife Nutrition Club to foster a healthy community and help others who want to start their journey. We opened Longview Nutrition in 2013 and 291 Nutrition and Energy in 2021 and have helped countless others choose wellness and focus on their health. We trained our distributors to help us expand into new locations to reach as many people as possible, and we now have nine independently owned and managed locations making a difference in their communities.

We don’t claim to heal, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease, but we know that a lot of problems can be solved just from having basic nutrition and staying conscious of the foods we eat that fuel wellness or feed disease. That’s why we want to introduce healthier options in the marketplace versus unhealthy fast foods.

In our nutrition clubs, we host opportunities to engage our community in wellness-minded activities such as conducting business in-services, product demonstrations, wellness workshops and online challenges. In addition to wellness profiles, nutrition consults and meal planning. we actively seek out fitness partners to keep our members active to improve their results.

If nothing else, in these epidemic times, it’s a wakeup call that health and wellness are no longer an area of our lives that we can neglect. They’re more critical to our longevity and quality of life than anything else.

Being well starts with a mindset shift that you want to change and gain control of your life. Don’t expect immediate results because the weight gain didn’t happen overnight. But staying consistent will pay off over time. If one pound is lost a week, that’s 52 pounds a year, so focus on all the benefits of what losing weight and gaining vitality can do.

Remember, nothing tastes as good as wellness feels, and wellness is a journey worth taking. Your smile gets bigger when you feel well!

Pete and Diane Peoples | Longview Nutrition and 291 Nutrition & Energy
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