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The Trixi Lou Project: Creating Timely Remembrances

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When someone is faced with a terminal diagnosis, a photographer may be the last person they think to call. Allison Bush, founder of The Trixi Lou Project, is urging people to reconsider. With so many unknowns and a daunting amount of information, treatment options, medication and advice for a patient, The Trixi Lou Project offers an opportunity to pause and a moment of peace amidst the chaos of this new normal.

The path to The Trixi Lou Project began in 2010 with the death of Allison’s mother. In gathering photos for her memorial service, Allison found few photos of her and her mother together but none from the time her mother was diagnosed in July to her death in September. Throughout her grieving process, repeatedly Allison wished she had documentation of her mother’s illness to validate what they experienced together, to share raw, special moments with others, and to remember her mother and herself exactly as they were. And so, The Trixi Lou Project was born.

Legacy Sessions differ from typical family sessions in that Allison has worked to create prompts and experiences that facilitate connection while putting families at ease during an already difficult time. This is not a time to stress about the perfect location or matching outfits.

Allison hopes that families can return to these images for years to come and know that no matter where the path leads post-diagnosis, their connection to loved ones will always remain.

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