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SOAR Special Needs: Nurturing Abilities, Embracing Possibilities for America’s Largest Minority

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By Stephen “Doc” Hunsley, MD

In a country where 26 percent of our population carries a diagnosis of special needs and/or disabilities, individuals and families face unique challenges that demand specialized support. SOAR Special Needs is that beacon of inclusivity and empowerment, dedicated to transforming the lives of those individuals and their families to soar in their local and faith communities. Recognizing the critical need for support, SOAR not only addresses the diverse needs but also serves as a guiding light for parents navigating the uncertainties of raising a child with special needs.
SOAR Special Needs is one of the most highly respected and effective nonprofit organizations with a lifeline for the largest minority group in the United States. Our mission is to empower families and individuals with special needs. SOAR becomes a sanctuary where differences are embraced and potentials are unlocked. In a society that struggles with embracing diversity, SOAR’s commitment to fostering inclusivity becomes particularly significant.

Our organization’s approach is holistic, addressing the immediate challenges but also nurturing the immense potential within each individual. From educational support tailored to individual strengths and challenges to recreational activities that promote socialization and well-being, SOAR ensures a comprehensive system that celebrates uniqueness.

SOAR addresses the concerns every parent faces with an individual with special needs and it’s why we successfully provide clarity while seeking independence and community integration. With our programs, classes, events, camps and respite resources, we can answer these questions that families need answers to.

Will my child ever be able to provide for himself?
SOAR addresses this concern by offering educational support that goes beyond traditional norms. By creating an inclusive learning environment, the organization empowers individuals with the skills needed to navigate the world with confidence and independence.

Who will take care of my child once I’m gone?
SOAR’s commitment extends beyond the immediate to the future. Through tailored programs and support, SOAR ensures that individuals with special needs are equipped to lead fulfilling lives even when their primary caregivers are no longer present.

Who will take care of me as a parent/caregiver?
Recognizing the challenges faced by parents and caregivers, SOAR not only supports individuals with special needs but also provides a network of understanding and assistance for those who play a crucial role in their lives.

SOAR serves all ages, diagnoses and severities. We have the nation’s largest disability day camps every summer in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, and Lenexa, Kansas, and they are growing due to high demand. SOAR is not about addressing special needs; it is about nurturing special abilities and unlocking the extraordinary potential that resides within each member of our diverse society. Our ability to grow and thrive absolutely depends on community support and partnership. If you would like to help create a brighter future for our individuals to positively impact their lives in taking the next step toward realizing their personal potential and achieving greater independence, come SOAR with us!

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