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Lullaby of Hope

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For women, many of life’s conversations bubble with anticipation for what’s to come, what’s life’s next big thing. Sometimes, a simple question can be grounds for a complicated answer. A response entwined with medical jargon, bundled with sorrow and ending with a frail smile. Her perfectly planned future can be side-swiped by barrenness or devastating loss.

I see her, I know her, I have been her, I am her.

This profound sorrow became my own reality when I experienced a miscarriage and then a stillbirth of my own children. But grim as my situation was, the hope I felt transcended the pain of my circumstances. My loss became another’s gain, as I gathered meaningful items to help women wait well and grieve with hope. What began as a small offering has flourished into a full-fledged organization.

Lullaby of Hope is a ministry for women journeying through infertility, pregnancy or infant loss.

We give comforting, curated gift boxes that are specific to her personal journey. Many of our products are custom made by local Kansas City artists and craftsmen. From our hand-poured soy candles to our handcrafted pearl and leather bracelets or the perfect blend of hormone-balancing tea, we are passionate about giving a helpful and beautiful gift in a sorrowful time. Our team has journeyed through years of infertility with invasive procedures, multiple miscarriages, stillbirth and even infant loss. In each gift, the recipient will find a handwritten note from a team member who has experienced similar loss and is compassionate to her journey.

Order a gift for someone you love at or find out how you can get involved by visiting

Find us also at @lullabyofhope and #wegivegoodgifts.

Written by: Krystalle Wheeler