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BRA COUTURE KC! and Mammograms: Hop on the Bus

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When Tiffany Harper heard that a mammogram “party bus” was coming to her church to pick up uninsured women to take to an imaging center for free personalized mammogram screening, she was delighted. Tiffany founded and managed an elementary school in downtown Kansas City, Kansas, that didn’t provide insurance for her. And now a bus, of all things, would be in her community to take her for a mammogram screening. Tiffany now brings her mother and aunt for their annual screenings. They are so happy with the convenience and wonderful care provided through this partnership of BCKC and STO.

Four times per year, Bra Couture KC and Surviving the Odds transport women from underserved communities to an imaging center for early detection screening. To date, BCKC and STO have served more than 500 women through these mammogram screening parties. Should an abnormality be discovered during a screening, BCKC and STO fast track that woman to Truman Medical Center for immediate care and in many cases provide the much-needed funds to support that patient to wellness.

Bra Couture KC has raised close to $2 million to help uninsured and underinsured patients of cancer in the greater Kansas City area who cannot pay for their cancer supplies such as cancer medication, transportation to treatment, prosthetics, wigs, surgical supplies, blankets, food and lymphedema garments. Serving men, women and children touched by all cancers, this primary event uniquely celebrates breast cancer survivors on the runway to raise funds for Kansas City cancer patients at the University of Kansas Cancer Center, Truman Medical Center, North Kansas City Hospital, Cancer Action and Surviving the Odds.

As federal funding and other major grants programs are reduced for uninsured and underinsured cancer patients, Bra Couture KC wants to provide these much-needed funds by raising money and ensuring it stays in Kansas City to care for our own. 

Written by Sharon Butler Payne 

Bra Couture KC’s annual event is an extraordinary and fun auction, showcasing eclectic work-of-art bras. The bras are modeled by breast cancer survivors, escorted by local sports celebrities and VIPs to celebrate their triumph over cancer. The 2018 event is scheduled for April 13 at the Signature Hangar at the Downtown Airport. 

The VIP Experience begins at 6:00 p.m.; general admission opens at 7:00 p.m. and the runway show starts at 8:00 p.m. 

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