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The Ultimate Summer Capsule Wardrobe for Men

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Do you have any men in your life who could use a little fixer-upper in the wardrobe department? Well, I’m here to help!

Most men don’t love to shop, so keep it simple and get them a capsule wardrobe! Each piece mixes and matches together, making putting outfits together super easy. If you have done a capsule wardrobe for yourself, you might notice that a men’s capsule has a lot of similar pieces and that the same rules apply that we use for a women’s capsule. Pick a color palette that complements their skin tone and add neutrals! Because there are fewer pieces that he will be wearing more often, it is best to opt for quality over quantity. And as always, focus on finding the perfect fit!

These are the top nine items every man should have for the summer!

1. The perfect T-shirt

2. Great light denim

3. Casual chino shorts

4. Flat front chinos

5. Weekend lounge outfit 

6. Casual button-down shirt

7. Brown belt

8. Brown loafer

9. Lightweight third piece

Written by: Abby Wood

Abby Wood is a wardrobe stylist and style blogger in Kansas City, and her education in design plus retail experience make her an expert in fit, fabric, style and trends. Her professional experience in fashion began with an apprenticeship with a bridal designer, shifted to creating and showing her  own line, moving up to management and training at a retail level and now professional styling as an independent consultant. Abby loves to help individuals develop and evolve their own sense of style.