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The ABCs of Bra

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If you have been following along with this style blog for the last four years, then you know that now and again I like to chat about bras! As a seasoned lingerie specialist and wardrobe stylist, I believe that finding the correctly fitting bra is so important. Start 2021 on the right foot and get yourself fit for the correct undergarments for you! 

I know, I know. This is not the most popular category of clothing to shop. In fact, I would say most women do not understand the extreme importance of correctly fitting undergarments such as a bra, panties and shapewear. The statistics say eight of ten women are wearing the wrong size bra. And I would agree! It’s hidden, so why spend the money on something nobody is going to see, right? Wrong. Undergarments are a major part of the basic building blocks of your wardrobe. If you have an ill-fitting bra, trust me, it will directly affect the way your blouse fits. Wearing a correctly fitting bra, you will instantly look polished and it will most likely slim out your figure. 

If you’ve never had a proper bra fitting, here are my top tips you need to know to find the right one for you!

It is going to be an investment.
The saying “you get what you pay for” comes into play in this department. Skimp on quality and you will skimp on the fit. And fit is the only thing that matters. Most big box stores carry only a small range of sizes, which will limit your chances of finding the perfect fit. Instead, try visiting a department store such as Nordstrom or a lingerie boutique such as Clair de Lune.

Have an open mind and trust the expert.
The “perfect T-shirt bra” you saw advertised on your current Instagram feed may not be the perfect bra for you. Depending on your size and the way you are built, there might be other styles that will fit and support your girls better. When you have a proper fitting, the sales associate will bring in a variety of styles. Trust their expertise and you will be in good hands!

Comfortable but supportive
When you’re first trying on a new bra, this is what you need to look for: the band of your bra should be comfortably snug in order for it to stay put. Most women want the band of their bra to be super comfortable and end up buying a band size that is too big. The band of your bra is where you get most of your support. Having the band comfortable but snug will ensure that. Your cup size should be large enough to cover you all the way underneath your armpit.

It’s just a number
Don’t get caught up in the number or the cup size. When I used to do ten fittings a day, women would come in thinking they were one size and leave with a completely different size. Most women are wearing too large a band and too small a cup. Don’t be surprised if your correct measurement is the exact opposite.

Written by: Abby Wood

Abby Wood is a wardrobe stylist and style blogger in Kansas City, and her education in design plus retail experience make her an expert in fit, fabric, style and trends. Her professional experience in fashion began with an apprenticeship with a bridal designer, shifted to creating and showing her  own line, moving up to management and training at a retail level and now professional styling as an independent consultant. Abby loves to help individuals develop and evolve their own sense of style.