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Yes, the Med Spa is for Men!

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Q: How can men benefit from med spas?
A: Whether you’re a working professional, a student or a father of five, you deserve self-care too. Over the past few years and many Zoom calls, men are feeling the pressure to remain looking youthful. Because of this, med spas are becoming more appealing to men. Here at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, we love to cater to both men and women, helping each individual enhance their confidence through a variety of ways. 

Men like to keep things simple, as do we! Popular issues that men struggle with are skin texture, pore size and overall aging of the skin. We offer many different treatments to help with all your skin concerns. Whether it’s a brightening laser treatment before your bachelor party or a hydrating facial before your next work event, we customize each plan specific to your goals.

Q: What’s all the hype about laser treatments?
A: A common misconception is that laser treatments are just for hair removal. The laser treatments we offer at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery are designed to treat a variety of different concerns. We use lasers to treat sun damage, skin discoloration, skin texture and the obvious, hair removal. The IPL, or intense pulse light, and Resurfx treatments we offer are quick with minimal down time. These lasting results will have any man feeling and looking refreshed and confident! Call today to set up a consultation with our experienced aesthetician or nurse injector.

By: Hannah Brown, Aesthetician & Delaine Stoecklein, RN

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Levi Young and his team of nurse injectors and aestheticians, combine specialized knowledge in surgical and non-surgical procedures with their passion for natural results to help patient achieve a refreshed appearance.

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