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Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa, Adriane Advanced Skincare: New Generation Anti-Aging

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Q: What are peptides and how do they help my skin?
A: Around the age of 30, collagen production slows down. Peptides send signals to the body that it needs to heal. In skincare, it tells the skin to produce more collagen in areas where needed. When you introduce specific peptides, it tricks your body into thinking it is injured and it stimulates collagen production. The lack of peptides can lead to increased signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity. We recommend using CE Peptide Renewal by Adriane Advanced Skincare in your daily routine.

Q: What is the newest generation of body contouring and fat destruction?
A: The newest generation is the PHYSIQ by Cartessa™. It is the only non-invasive fat destruction and muscle stimulation that can be performed simultaneously. The PHYSIQ utilizes Diode laser along with electrical muscle stimulation and is unlike anything else on the market. There is no down time, no discomfort, it’s completely customizable and provides dramatic results. A regular series is five treatments one week apart. Call Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa for a consultation.

By: Adriane Ritchie

Adriane Ritchie is the owner and founder of Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa and Adriane Advanced Skincare Line. Utilizing her paramedical skin care degree over the last 20 years has allowed her to practice as a Medical Aesthetician, Certified Laser Technician, Body Contouring Specialist and Skin Health Expert. As an award-winning business owner & entrepreneur, Adriane has chosen to dedicate her life to helping, healing and building self-esteem so her clients can love the skin they are in. Over the years, Adriane has made an impact on our local communityproviding services as an Aesthetic Practice Consultant, being responsible for bringing the HydraFacial to the midwest market, performing as an educational public speaker in our local school systems, as well as regularly giving back to the community and various local charities.

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