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Own Your Outdoors!

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Q: What are the differences between a paver patio and a concrete 
A: A patio is an extension of your home, so it’s beneficial to know the difference in materials used to create it and how that might affect what works best for you. Paver patios offer durability. They are low maintenance, hold up to weather and can absorb more weight. In comparison, concrete patios require a sealer once a year and can suffer from deterioration from deicing salts. Repairs under a paver patio are easier to access and set back in place without disturbances. Concrete also has benefits with being a good footing for foundation walls and offering complete customization. With concrete patios, patching and color matching is difficult. Color matching with paver patios can be easier, but comes with the price of being more labor intensive and, therefore, sometimes more expensive than concrete patios.

Q: Why is landscape lighting beneficial to my home?
A: The importance of landscape lighting can be broken into three parts: functionality, extension of living space and safety. Landscape lighting allows for additional time outdoors. Conversation and social time outside do not have to be dictated by when the sun goes down. Likewise, your deck, patio and outdoor kitchen act as an extension of your living space. You can interact and use the space well into the night for playing cards, reading or simply enjoying the quiet moments outdoors that you couldn’t do before without a feeling of our last, and perhaps most important point, safety. A well-lit home will discourage thieves, allow you to see into your yard at all hours of the night, highlight potential trip hazards such as steps, and properly illuminate entryways.

Written by: Parker Whitney

Parker Whitney, the owner and founder of Elevated Living, graduated from Kansas State University in landscape design. Elevated Living strives to make the customer happy through responsive service, outstanding results and employees who will leave a lasting impression. Their team of landscape designers, irrigation specialists and crew members wants you to love the outdoors as much as they do and enjoy the most current trends in outdoor spaces and landscapes. A portion of proceeds is donated to Folds of Honor, a remarkable program that helps the families of veterans. With Elevated Living, you can own your outdoors!