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First Mammogram? What You Need to Know!

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Q: What are some important things to know before getting a mammogram?
A: There are many important things to consider. One of the most important answers to get ahead of time is who will read your exam. Are they a breast fellowship-trained radiologist? Do they primarily read mammograms or is their specialty in another part of radiology? If you need additional work up, how much will it cost? Is the exam a 3-D mammogram? At Imaging for Women, you will have a breast fellowship-trained radiologist read your exam. All screening mammograms are done in 3-D and are fully covered by insurance. We are independent, so patients pay significantly less if they need additional workup. A “not to exceed” estimation prior to any workup is done and no one will receive a bill for one penny more. There’s no surprise billing. We offer affordable cash prices for those without insurance or with a high deductible plan and will give you an estimate even if you started your workup elsewhere.

Q: If I feel a lump or need a biopsy, how quickly can I be seen?
A: We will get anyone in to be seen for a new lump within one business day. A biopsy can often get done within one or two business days and sometimes the same day. If you need a biopsy and have been told it will cost thousands and take weeks to schedule, call us first. We can often get you in quicker and you will have much lower out of pocket cost compared to having it done elsewhere, often thousands less.

Written by: Dr. Voeltz 

Troy Voeltz, MD, is a board-certified, fellowship-trained breast radiologist at Imaging for Women. He is committed to providing women with state-of-the-art imaging in a care-oriented environment and at a reasonable cost.  Dr. Voeltz is part of a team of trained, dedicated breast experts at Imaging for Women.