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Mammography Questions Answered

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Q: Where can I go to get a mammogram?

A: Wherever you prefer! You do not need a doctor’s order to get a screening mammogram. You are free to choose the center that best fits your needs. Some facilities accept walk-ins, but you can always call and schedule your screening mammogram. I recommend you ask whether a breast radiologist will be reading your exam and whether you can get your results the same day.

Q: What do I do if I have dense breast tissue?

A: First of all, don’t skip your yearly mammogram; having dense breast tissue puts you at higher risk for breast cancer. Second, ask about supplemental screening. This is additional breast cancer screening made for women with dense tissue or elevated risk for cancer. Choose a breast center that can assess your risk and give you multiple options. Mammograms may not see certain types of cancer in dense breast tissue. Having supplemental screening gives us the best chance of finding cancer at its earliest and most treatable stage. Missouri recently passed legislation mandating 100 percent insurance coverage of comprehensive breast cancer screening. My hope is that with this coverage, we will be able to make sure every woman gets the best screening program for her individual risk.

Q: Will supplemental screening be paid for?

A: Typically, insurance will cover the exams, but you may be responsible for a copay. This summer, Missouri passed legislation mandating 100% coverage of supplemental screening for most health insurance. This is great news! Contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage, as there may be exceptions for high deductible health care plans. The Find it Early Act of 2023 is federal legislation that would mandate coverage with no cost-sharing. Advocate with your lawmakers to pass this bill-women deserve early detection!


Allison Zupon, MD, is a board-certified radiologist at Imaging for Women with an additional year of fellowship training in breast imaging. Dr. Zupon is a national speaker on breast imaging, particularly on high-risk cancer screening. She is a proud advocate of legislation to advance breast cancer screening for all women.
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