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Locks and Pulls: Today’s Look for Your Home

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Q: My current home has exposed cabinet hinges that are about 25 years old. I really like the sleeker look of more modern cabinets with hidden hinges. Can I convert them?

A: Because there are hundreds of hinge styles and sizes, we suggest bringing one of your current hinges to our store so we can determine how to achieve the look you want. If you are refinishing or repainting, you should be able to fill all original holes and hinge prep, allowing you to update your look using today’s popular styles and finishes. 

Q: I am updating the door and cabinet hardware in my home but want to make sure that I don’t affect the future resale value. What colors and styles should I use??

 A: Both door and cabinet hardware are two of the most economical and impactful ways to update your living space. Let your personal style be your guide and choose the color and finish that suits your taste. It’s highly likely that whoever purchases your home in the future will make changes to reflect their style and taste, too. But right now, it’s your home and we’d suggest making it just the way you like it.

Written by: Adam Hensley

Locks and Pulls owner Adam Hensley believes hardware shouldn’t be hard; with so many options to express personal style and make an artistic statement, we tell our customers that hardware is actually fun. Both locations offer over 1,500 cabinet knobs and pulls and over 50 door hardware options, most of which are in stock. Plus, there are over 20,000 additional items available for order from over 250 manufacturers around the world.

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