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January: Time to Renew Skin Care!

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Q: When is the best time of the year to get a chemical peel?
A: Right now! It’s peel season! Winter brings shorter days, less sun exposure and less change in the skin, which is the perfect formula for an in-depth skin treatment such as a chemical peel. A chemical peel will encourage cellular turnover, exposing new skin, and promote healing. Peels are considered a classic treatment for healthy aging and are great for various skin concerns such as pigmentation, fine lines, acne and rosacea. If the idea of a peel makes you nervous, don’t fret! Today’s peels won’t have you hiding in your house for days on end. While everyone’s skin reacts differently to a peel, most of the action happens at the time of application, as dead skin cells are digested by the peel solution. In the days that follow you may experience some light flaking or micro-peeling, which will quickly subside and give way to rejuvenated, fresh, healthy skin. 

Q: I want to get my skin looking great. What’s your advice?
A: Achieving healthy, glowing skin takes time and consistency. It’s not a one-regimen-fits-all; it’s an individual journey that’s well worth it, and I’m here to help guide you in the right direction. I have three essentials that start you in the right direction.

Sunscreen is a must-have. It doesn’t matter if you’re inside working on your computer; you are exposing your skin to UV rays and blue light from your technology devices. Eighty percent of facial skin aging is related to UV exposure, and we’re not even talking about the risks of skin cancer here. It’s very simple: wear SPF every day, 365 days a year!

Exfoliants are important. Be sure to exfoliate three times a week with either chemical exfoliants, such as AHAs, BHAs or retinoids, or physical exfoliants. Bonus points for combining the two!

Hydrators and moisturizers are important regardless of skin type to keep your skin barrier hydrated and happy. Your skin barrier function is critical for skin health.

By: Kelly Higgins

Kelly Higgins has nearly 17 years of experience in the medical aesthetics field. She’s a licensed medical aesthetician in Missouri and Kansas, and a certified laser technician. Having joined Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in 2021, Kelly brings years of experience and an intricate understanding of advanced facial treatments, medical grade chemical peels, medical microdermabrasion, IPL photo rejuvenation, laser hair removal, microneedling, dermaplaning and much more. Kelly’s passion is product knowledge and patient education, as she believes our skin is a window to our health. She is dedicated to improving her patients’ overall appearance, and she thrives on making people feel more confident as a result.  

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