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Imaging and Information

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Q: Are all mammograms read by a breast specialist?
A: Surprisingly, not always. Some facilities do not have breast specialists reading their mammograms. Imaging for Women has only breast fellowship-trained radiologists reading your mammogram. We feel this is important. We also give same-day results before you leave in language you understand. There’s no waiting for a letter in the mail. To find out who previously read or will read your next exam, call your imaging center or look up the radiologist on your last report. Most radiologists’ training information is online.

Q: What is surprise billing?
A: This is when a patient receives a bill and charges were not given or explained up front. This can be thousands of dollars. At Imaging for Women, we give estimates and explain all charges before any exam. Our costs are typically significantly lower and, in some cases, such as a breast biopsy, cost much less than having it done at a large facility. We will do your biopsy even if the work up was done elsewhere, and we will provide a cost estimate for you.

Troy Voeltz, MD, is a board-certified radiologist at Imaging for Women. Dr. Voeltz completed his fellowship training in breast imaging at the University of Minnesota and is part of a team of dedicated breast experts at Imaging for Women.