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Always Look Your Best: Tips from a Wardrobe Stylist

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Q: How can someone develop their own personal style?
A: When developing your own personal style there are quite a few contributing factors to take into consideration, such as figure and body type, proper fits, accentuating your best features, best color combinations for your skin tone, and your daily work and personal life routines. From there begin filtering every time item in your closet to determine if it fits within your style. Pieces should not only coincide with your style, but should be properly fitted and versatile enough to work within your lifestyle.

Q: When should you look into hiring a professional stylist?
A: Hiring a personal stylist should be no different than looking for a new physician or new personal trainer at the gym. Typically, hiring a stylist is increasingly effective during life transitions such as going from college to the workforce or starting your own business, gain or loss of weight, or simply reevaluation and understanding of wardrobe and style. Professional stylists are more than just putting together outfits or going shopping. Look for an expert that vibes well with you and has all of the experience and knowledge to be able to help you look and feel your best!

His love for fashion and making every individual look their best for any occasion are what have kept stylist Wlaa Elashkar motivated as a fashion consultant for over ten years. Wlaa has developed into a creative, professional fashion stylist with vast experience in showcasing a variety of fashion-forward and mainstream looks for designers, sales personnel, boutique owners and fashion consumers. With a broad skill set in the fashion industry and a multitude of clients and designer relationships, Wlaa is able to provide every client an exclusive and personal experience that takes them to the next level of style. Wlaa Style exhibits the skill and sophistication proving that everyone can be styled; the better you look, the better you feel, the better you do!