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Erynn & BrannDon

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Erynn Albert, 31, is a math teacher at Rock Canyon High School in Highlands Ranch. She also runs YOU DO THE MATH!, a tutoring company that she founded in 2006. Her hobbies include reading and anything crafty.

BrannDon Albert, also 31, is a senior software quality analyst at Terumo BCT in Lakewood. He is a very proud father of a beautiful 7-year-old daughter, Cecelia. BrannDon enjoys brewing beer, being handy around the house, crossword puzzles and playing board and card games with Erynn and Cecelia. BrannDon and Erynn live in Parker, Colorado.

Erynn and BrannDon met online, through, naturally, in March 2014 and had their first date, also typically, at Starbucks. For Erynn it was love at first sight, but BrannDon realized by their third date that they were meant to be together, and they have been inseparable ever since.

Pi Day, at Pi Time–3.1415926, or 3/14/15 at 9:26am–was the exact, official time of BrannDon’s proposal. But the true story was behind the scenes

“My dad had always told me I was too picky. ‘‘C’mon, Erynn, does he fog a mirror? Then you’re good to go!’ was his refrain,” she laughs. “Or, ‘It’s like ordering pizza; just pick one.’ But in late February 2015, my dad was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Not having him there to walk me down the aisle was not an option.”

“So the unofficial planning began,” BrannDon shares. “I wasn’t going to just propose because we wanted to get married in a few months. Erynn deserved the most special proposal ever since she was so picky and had to wait so long for this special moment. I had to stick with my original plan to propose on Pi Day 2015.”

BrannDon arranged for Save the Date photos to be taken at the Clock Tower in downtown Denver on March 14, even though they weren’t yet engaged. He arranged for all of Erynn’s and his family to be there. Even though Erynn thought it was a bit weird, she knew he wanted photos that day.

“Of course the photographers were in on the plan,” Erynn shares. “And at 9:26 a.m. the photographer conveniently staged us in front of the big clock. At exactly 9:26 a.m., BrannDon dropped to one knee and proposed in front of all of our loved ones. His daughter, Cecelia, was in on it with the job of bringing Dad the ring. She kept that secret for weeks! Of course, through the tears, I said ‘Yes!’”

After embracing for a moment, Erynn yelled, “Look, Dad! I finally picked one!” Her dad, Loran, said it was one of the most special moments of his life and he was so grateful to be there to witness it.

The blissful couple tied the knot on June 21, 2015, Father’s Day. Erynn’s brother, Lorne Bourdo, served as Man of Honor, and bridesmaids were Devany Bourdo Shannon Doyle and Jen Young. BrannDon’s sister, Stacia Scharf, acted as his Best Woman and groomsmen were Chris Hubbard and Kyle Scharf. Cecelia Albert, the groom’s daughter, participated as mini bride; flower girls were Aija Moulder, Joppa Moulder and Alee Scharf. Ring security was provided by Elijah Moulder and Lorn Bourdo.

“The wedding was the week of my grandmother’s 80th birthday, which was special for her because for the first time ever, she had all five of her kids, all of her grandkids and all of her great-grandkids in one room,” notes Erynn. “We did a special shout out for her during the reception, presented a birthday cake and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. It was also very important and special to us that BrannDon’s father, Russ Albert, was our Officiant”

BrannDon planned and surprised Erynn with the honeymoon, a trip to the Dominican Republic, which she didn’t learn until they were at the airport! HLM