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Alexa & Dave

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It might have seemed chance or coincidence that Alecsandra and David Milmont met, since they lived on opposite sides of the globe. But the mutual friend who introduced them online merely provided the opportunity for their lives together to begin.

Dave had a three-month work assignment in Manila, Philippines, and wanted a friend who could acquaint him with the city. Lovely Alexa, living in the city, began talking with him online about their mutual interests. On the day of Dave’s arrival in Manila, they learned that, purely by coincidence, they were within walking distance of each other. Both felt a strong pull to meet immediately.

“We talked for hours, and I remember thinking how nice it was to have such a great conversation with someone,” Alexa recalls. “He was so smart and talented. He then started picking me up after work for dinner before he went to work on graveyard shift. We got along really well and started going on adventures around the Philippines together.”

Before Dave was to leave Manila, the couple faced the reality of their situation. “We started thinking about the long-distance relationship that was about to happen,” Alexa shares. “We talked about our future together and just put our faith on it. We Skyped every day, and the next thing I knew I was here in the U.S.!”

Yet Dave knew Alexa wanted a surprise proposal. Alexa’s mom was in the U.S. to visit for a month, and the trio were shopping and sightseeing. Although Alexa wanted to shop, Dave convinced her to take a tour of the Denver Clock Tower. “I had to come up with something that was both memorable and allowed me to catch her off guard,” Dave laughs. “When I saw the clock tower downtown I knew it would be perfect. There were a few times when I thought Alexa might think I was up to something. I made up some excuse and rushed to the clock tower while Alexa and her mom were shopping. Once I was prepared I rushed back to Alexa and told her that there was a really cool tour right down the street. At this point, Alexa seemed annoyed with me as I kept acting strange. She decided to go along with me as I knew she was curious about this history tour!”

The couple left Mom to shop and headed to the tower. “There was a tour guide waiting in the lobby,” Alexa smiles. “She took us up alone and left us! Dave distracted me with a camera to take photos of the amazing views, and when I turned around and saw him on one knee saying, ‘Will you marry me?’ I began to cry! Our tour guide was actually a photographer who captured the moment!”

The blissful couple tied the knot on May 27, 2015, in an intimate wedding at Three Trees Chapel with Alexa’s mother and Dave’s close family present. A small reception followed the ceremony at their home.

“My father and siblings couldn’t make it to the U.S. for this day, but Dave and I are planning to have a big wedding in the Philippines next year so my whole family can be there,” Alexa beams. “It’s funny, because although it wasn’t exactly how I imagined my wedding would be, it still felt so perfect. My mother in-law made my veil and sash; she added 60-year-old silk on my sash that was used during her and my grandma-in-law’s wedding, and I made my own satin rose bouquet!”

Following the reception, Alexa and Dave went downtown for some creative photo shots. “It was so much fun! Everyone just kept shouting ‘Congratulations!’ and telling us how cute we were and how beautiful I was in my dress! Strangers were clapping, smiling. I will never forget that day.”

Alexa and Dave plan a honeymoon in Greece following their Philippine wedding next year. HLM