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Handyman Matters of Cherry Creek

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When Michelle Young assumed ownership of Handyman Matters of Cherry Creek this past May, she hit the ground running, and she continues to Handyman Matters of Cherry Creek deliver the unparalleled service for which this company is known in home improvement and repair work to all parts of Central Denver, including Cherry Creek, Capitol Hill and Washington Park.

Michelle understands that when you are looking for a reliable and professional handyman to take care of projects around your home, it can be overwhelming to find, first, a trusted expert, and second, someone who can do the work at a fair market price with no hidden costs or surprises. The skilled experts at Handyman Matters of Cherry Creek have one goal in mind, and that is to help you not only care for your home but also to preserve the value of your home. After all, that is typically the largest investment you will ever make.

The Handyman Matters franchise has enjoyed a respected reputation nationwide for 15 years, and Michelle and her team provide services that continue to maintain this company’s image as the leader in the home repair and improvement services industry. “Our employees are top of the line,” she noted. “Most of them have more than 20 years of experience.” The craftsmen sent to a client’s home or office are bonded and insured; they have had a full background check, have completed a skill assessment test and a tool inventory check.

Although Handyman Matters of Cherry Creek does not offer roofing and foundation work, they offer an extensive menu of services for everything in between, including kitchen and bathroom modifications, interior and exterior maintenance, home remodeling projects and aging-in-place modifications. “Although we do some minor plumbing and minor electrical work, we work with a licensed electrician and a licensed plumber for larger projects,” said Michelle.

And since the typical customer for Handyman Matters of Cherry Creek is one who either doesn’t know how to repair something or simply doesn’t want to do so, Michelle noted that all you have to do is provide them that “to do” list, and they will tackle it for you. “All of our craftsmen carry all the tools they need on their trucks. They are ready and prepared to do any job you have.”

While sometimes they might book appointments a week in advance depending on the customer’s schedule, Michelle treats every customer as a priority. “Ideally, I like to handle the request that day or afternoon,” she stressed. “I understand that no one wants to wait.”

And because Handyman Matters of Cherry Creek charges a flat rate by the job at a fair market value price, there are no surprises. “If you have a broken window in need of repair, some companies have a minimum of four to five windows to replace and won’t just repair the one,” she said. “We will repair just that one window and won’t charge you for unnecessary work. We are willing to do the small jobs to meet the needs of the customer.”

Michelle, a former scientist with a degree in biochemistry, enjoys helping clients find solutions for their home improvement and repair problems.

“I enjoy being there for people when they need us,” she emphasized. “And if our team cannot resolve an issue for them, we do all we can to find a trusted expert who can help them and who will find a solution for them. That is our goal–to find solutions for our clients.”

Handyman Matters of Cherry Creek is the right choice when it comes to all of your handyman and home improvement services. No matter the size of the task, big or small, Handyman Matters of Cherry Creek stands at the ready. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with occasional weekend appointments available. Handyman Matters of Cherry Creek is also looking to expand its team of skilled and reliable experts.

For more information on Handyman Matters of Cherry Creek, call 720-370-8008 or go online.