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D&Y Design Group: Fulfilling Your Creative Dreams

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Are you thinking about doing a little design or décor update in your home but you’re uncertain where to begin? Then it’s time to consult the experts at D&Y Design Group (as the new Decor and You). Now in its 13th year of business, this leading design firm continues to gain considerable velocity as it brings to clients a cornucopia of exciting décor, design and remodeling options.

Owned by Linnore Gonzales, this award-winning, full-service interior design firm delivers exciting and beautiful interiors that accurately reflect your personality and style while simultaneously meeting your needs and making your budget happy. With an exclusive line of products, management resources and inspiring ideas for both residential and commercial customers, D&Y Design Group employs seven full-time designers, including two senior designers who have been with the firm for a decade, and will work with clients throughout the Denver metro area.

At its new location in Centennial, Colorado, D&Y Design Group has direct access to reputable vendors in the industry, providing clients a vast range of furnishing options and choices in a host of styles and at all price points. No matter the size or scope of your project, the trusted experts at D&Y Design Group can work with you to create what you desire at a price you can afford. “We offer full interior design service to paint consultation and everything in between,” stated Linnore. “We can complete large projects or deliver à la carte services. No job is too big or too small.”

When consulting with D&Y Design Group, clients receive a personalized Décor Plan specifically tailored to their style, budget and time frame. This company understands that your time is valuable and endeavors to make each project efficient, cost-effective and fun while ensuring complete satisfaction with the end result.

Among its many services, D&Y Design Group provides window treatments, office space design, personalized Décor Plan, and even a designer kitchen in less than three weeks. With its recent acquisition of a Three Week Kitchens franchise, the firm now stands at the ready to update your current kitchen or to completely transform it and provide the kitchen of your dreams.

Another exciting option recently introduced is a virtual design service. With appreciable advancements in technology, the manner through which people buy products and select design styles has changed, and the Internet has subsequently provided a means by which to efficiently initiate a project.

“Technology has changed the way people do business,” expressed Linnore. “More and more, people are going online to select products and get ideas. With our virtual design service, we can create a space online for the client to see and from there decisions can be made.”

This service is perfect for those who don’t necessarily need a professional designer but could use a bit of advice and coaching to achieve that custom designed space. “Essentially, clients answer questions that allow us to understand what they want to achieve in a particular room. We then assist in determining the style and feel for the room, creating a personalized plan based on their input, digital photos and measurements of the room and exterior photos of the home,” said Linnore.

The designers at D&Y Design Group can work with you on something as simple as decorating a room with accessories to giving new inspiration to your entire home. “We design with our clients’ needs in mind,” stated Linnore. “We truly listen to them without imposing our own personal styles and tastes. Our job is to produce something that reflects what they like and need. We pride ourselves on listening fully and giving our clients exactly what they want, while at the same time ensuring the end result is functional and of the right design.”

Communication is key to the success of this design firm, and to that end Linnore and her team set expectations from the start, ensuring the customers know exactly what to expect without surprises. “Design should be an enjoyable process,” smiled Linnore. “We want our clients to fully enjoy the process and we include them in it every step of the way. We give them what they want, but fully explain to them why we do things the way we do. Again, we set expectations clearly. For example, if we choose a particular fabric, we don’t choose it just because it looks pretty; we choose it also for its functionality.”

One of the largest hurdles for most people when it comes to working with a design firm is price. It may seem overwhelming from a financial perspective to even consider consulting a design expert. However, D&Y Design Group understands those anxieties and will work closely with clients to put them at ease and work directly in line with their specific budgets.

“We are very clear and up front about everything right from the start,” emphasized Linnore. HLM

For more information on D&Y Design Group, visit their showroom at 2101 East Arapahoe Road, #102, Centennial, Colorado; go online at or call 303-346-2593.