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Tawni & Adam

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A fast friendship that began in college led to a lasting love for Tawni Warren and Adam Albers. Tawni, 21, is a recruiting coordinator at HSS, Inc.; Adam, 23, is an assistant manager at Enterprise Rental Car.

Tawni and Adam immediately had their love of sports in common; both were students at Saint Leo University. “Adam was on the baseball team and I was on the volleyball team. We had the same eating schedules due to athletics; every time Adam saw me in the cafeteria, he would always wave hi. One morning I was eating breakfast alone and he asked to sit with me. We became great friends and had so much in common that when I got back from Christmas break, he asked me to be his girlfriend on January 9th because his birthday was on April 9th, so when we celebrated on his birthday, we would be celebrating four months and we would always remember that date.”

Adam enlisted the assistance of family for his proposal on May 16, 2014. “Adam wanted it to be outside in the mountains, and my dad suggested Evergreen Lake, where we first went ice skating,” Tawni smiles. “I had flown home for my birthday on May 14 and he flew in that day to surprise me. Thinking that was the best surprise, I had nothing else in mind. So that Friday we were going to go to a nice dinner and get some pictures taken for my mom to create Christmas cards. We drove up to the lake and we were all starving. My dad was driving slowly; I thought he was looking at the view. At the restaurant, Adam and my dad went in to put our names on the list and returned to say it would be an hour’s wait, so we decided to go get some pictures taken to kill time. At the lake, Adam and I chose to walk away from the crowds; we would walk a little way, pause, and look all around admiring the view. Because it was chilly that day, when we paused we would be hugging for warmth. We walked to the top of a small hill on the path, and suddenly I saw my parents behind us and his parents there too! His parents live in Florida and had not been out to Colorado for some time. My mouth dropped and he said, ‘Do you know why they are here?’ Not wanting to believe what might
actually be happening, I said no and started to cry. Adam took my hands and knelt to ask me to marry him!” The happy families returned to the restaurant, where there actually was no wait time, and celebrated the engagement.

Tawni and Adam were married on May 16, 2015, one year to the day from the proposal, in a lovely wedding with a rustic country theme. “Adam is definitely my country boy with his Texas accent,” laughs Tawni. “We had Mason jars as our centerpieces and used wood in creative ways. Luckily our favorite colors matched, yellow and blue, so we incorporated those two into our wedding décor.

“I am so excited to go on life’s adventure with my best friend by my side,” Tawni shares. “We’re experiencing everything together, whether it’s just spending a Saturday morning on the couch together, to spending time with our families, to having kids and trying to provide for each other. I know he feels the same; just having the person you love by your side for the rest of your life is the best plan God could have given us!”