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Kaylee & Jeff

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Kaylee Jachetta and Jeff Addington met through a friendly matchmaker; no, not online, but through a person who knew them both and thought a spark might ignite!

Kaylee, 22, is a creative and energetic hair stylist, and Jeff, 27, is a business owner whose personality and talents complement hers.

Kaylee describes with a smile how she met her future groom. “Jeff was working at Chase Bank at the time and I went in. My family banker decided to play matchmaker and sent me over to have Jeff help me. He pursued me for a few months before I finally gave in to hanging out, and the rest is history!”

Kaylee and Jeff planned a scenic weekend getaway to the mountains to celebrate their two-year dating anniversary. “It was Saturday, October 12, 2014. We decided to go walk around the hotel; the scenery was so beautiful and it overlooked Beaver Creek ski resort. We found a picturesque gazebo and walked over to it. While we were under it, Jeff got down on one knee and proposed. And I said ‘Yes!’”

Kaylee and Jeff have chosen September 12, 2015 as the date for their wedding at Boulder Country Club. The ceremony will be held early in the evening on the golf course at a site with a beautiful view of the Flatirons. Wedding colors will be blush and champagne, and the couple plan an elegant evening full of lights and candles as a backdrop for the reception.

“Jeff has a lot of family and friends out of town, many friends from the Marines whom I have never met,” Kaylee shares with excitement. “I can’t wait to meet them and to bring our lives and all of our loved ones together in one place. We’re looking forward to a big celebration based around our love for each other. It’s all so exciting!”