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Protect your money from financial thieves

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By Joseph Quijano

In this turbulent economy, consumers are confused and frustrated because they can’t figure out why they can’t get ahead financially. There are three thieves ready to take your retirement nest egg.

Q. Who are these thieves?
A. Banks give you less than 1 percent on your savings while they charge you over 30 percent on loans. Also, an ATM fee to take your own money out after hours is close to $4. The average American family loses 34.5 percent on every dollar earned on finance charges.

The second is government, with a national debt near $19 trillion. To illustrate: if a football player earns $10 million per year, he would have to play for 100,000 years to equal $1 trillion, or 1.9 million years to equal our current national debt.

Taxes have to go up. And when they do, your IRAs and 401(k) balances will go down because this thief has taken it.

The third is Wall Street, which has been made the center of attention as a fraud with market crashes every seven to eight years and the mortgage collapse. It has provided Hollywood with excellent material to expose this thief with movies such as The Big Short, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, Capitalism: A Love Story, Wall Street and many more! Wall Street is gambling. Would you take your retirement money to Las Vegas?

Q. What are some of the biggest financial fears of Baby Boomers?
A. Primarily, the fear of not having enough money to retire, or running out of money during retirement. After all, who knows if Social Security will continue as it is? Most retirement accounts or plans are in the stock market. So if the market drops 20 percent and you’re taking out a retirement income stream of 10 percent of your account, your account balance will have dropped 30 percent! Will you have enough time for the market to recover to bring you back to where your account was? This is why you should place a Become the Banker program as part of your retirement planning. Become the Banker offers a guaranteed rate of return, it is liquid without penalties and it is tax free.

Q. How can we avoid losing money to taxes?
A. Our national debt is getting bigger every day and the government is counting on the taxes that we will pay from our 401(k)s and IRAs. So why not fund a tax-free retirement program to supplement your retirement income? Become the Banker will provide you with that advantage. HLM

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Joseph Quijano is a holistic Certified Financial Planner® (CFP). He has helped thousands of people achieve financial security over the last 40 years. He lives by one principle: “Creating wealth doesn’t have to be complicated.” He has the power and the knowledge to simplify how you can achieve financial success without risk.