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AdventureHER Travel: Women travel differently

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Q. Why should I book a trip with AdventureHER Travel?

A. These are trips especially designed for women and geared toward meeting women’s needs. You have to understand that you are your own entity and we somehow lose that when we wear the multiple hats of wife, mom, sister, friend, etc. I want to bring a level of serenity and composure back to your world where you can rediscover yourself without the guilt and understand that it’s okay to take care of yourself while also giving a bit of yourself  to other like-minded women.

Q. What makes AdventureHER Travel unique?

A. Women travel differently, and we cater to those differences. Women who choose this company are looking to connect with other women. They need time to play and relax; they love nature and adventure. Health and wellness are among their interests and priorities. Our trips and tour director are fun, safe and mostly all-inclusive. When you choose AdventureHER Travel, you choose a service-driven company that cares about you personally as well as professionally! We can custom create a travel experience for you and your group, and solo travelers are encouraged and welcomed. We also specialize in AWE–Amazing Women’s Escapes, four-day mini trips for those with limited time and resources. We believe in paying it forward, and when you book with us, a portion of your fee is donated to the Assistance League of Denver to support their programs for women and children. HLM