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Fashion for Fitness and Function

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Writing about fashion may seem trivial in the times of a global pandemic, but hey, we all still have to get dressed, right? When the “stay home, stay safe” orders began, it gave me more time to focus not only on my family, but also on my own health and wellness. I’ve really enjoyed testing out new recipes while cooking at home and finding the time to join some online fitness classes via Zoom. Thanks to all of those newfound recipes, I need it now more than ever before. But maybe even more so, I have found joy in evaluating and re-organizing my wardrobe. It made me realize that I simply don’t need a lot of the items that I’m holding onto, and that I’m really lacking in practical, comfortable clothing. Luckily, one of my favorite go-to brands for this category, Lululemon, has a fabulous shop on Ninth Street in downtown Columbia. They are known for athletic gear with a focus on yoga, but they also have many versatile pieces that you can wear even when you are not engaged in sweaty endeavors.

I am definitely more inclined to want to work out if I have something cute to wear while doing it. For those who are serious about looking good while getting their sweat on, this is the brand where you can find everything your little heart desires. I enjoy rocking a fun print, and the Diamond Dye Graphite Pastel in grey and pink is my new jam. Any top or legging of this print in their buttery-soft weightless Nulu™ fabric is a dream come true while I’m stretching it out in my Zoom Pilates session.  

I don’t know about you, but I love a good drawstring pant as we approach the winter months, so I am going to live in the High Rise Keep Moving Pant in Full-on Luxtreme™ fabric this fall! The Incognito Camo is a subtle gray camouflage pattern that will play nicely with so many of the brand’s super-soft pima cotton tops. These diverse pants will provide you with all-day comfort thanks to their sweat-wicking and four-way stretch material, while also looking fly with your favorite sneakers, flats or even a pair of your snazziest slippers. These will be your latest go-to pant, even when you may have nowhere to go.  

The Perfectly Oversized Crew in iron blue is perfectly on trend with its oversized fit and bum-covering length. This welcoming style would surely become a staple in any one’s weekend wardrobe, especially with the added time spent at home these days. If you prefer to rock a more classic-fitting sweatshirt that is anything but traditional, the City Sweat Crew Spacer would be an excellent choice. If a motorcycle jacket and a sweatshirt had a baby, I imagine it would look something like this. The ribbing on the sleeves along with the modern seaming details add a cool factor, while the hidden stash pocket makes it highly functional. Now comes the hard part, choosing which color to purchase; I personally like the neon-tangerine-hued Tiger. You can pair either sweatshirt with any pair of their phenomenal leggings. With over 100 styles to choose from in a wide variety of prints, fabrics and colors, they literally have an option for every body. 

I’m a fashion gal, so I like to change my handbag as often as I change my shoes. Even though I’m not going as many places as I used to, there are still times I’m rushing to get out the door to get someplace on time, and I always need to double check that I have my necessities—keys, wallet, phone and, these days, of course, face mask and hand sanitizer. Well, ever since I met the All your Small Things Pouch, it has made this process so much simpler. This little cutie can fit all of those necessities, while also acting as my wallet. So, I can just grab it and go, or I can throw it in my clown car of a purse and know that I have everything that I need. I am obsessed with the vibrant highlighter pink color because it makes it so easy to find when floating around said gargantuan handbag, and the pop of color also makes for a very stylish clutch on its own. 

Now, if you want to achieve the ultimate level of comfort, look no further than the Lunar Lengths Wrap Sweater. A touch of cashmere makes it oh-so-cozy for you and super luxurious to all of those around you. This sweater is so comfy that it won’t matter if you are staying home or going out; you will simply want to have it on your body as much as possible. It’s so lightweight and versatile that you could literally throw it on over any look and get an instant warm hug. I recently read that you need at least eight hugs a day to be happy, and with all of this social distancing, I think we could all use some more hugs right now.

Written by: Nicole Zabriskie

Nicole Zabriskie’s resume since her 1999 graduation from Mizzou lists stints with Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Carlos Miele, Diesel and Michael Kors. Today, she lives in Seattle, Washington, and works as a freelance fashion stylist to spend more time at home with her daughters, Zoe and Campbell. As a freelancer, she has worked with luxury brands including Prada, Miu Miu, Lanvin and Alexander McQueen.