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Edith Hall Cakes: Creating the Centerpiece for your Wedding

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When Edith Hall received a small cake decorating kit for Christmas, she discovered a passion that became a career of artistry. “I loved playing with it so much I took some adult education classes and made a few cakes for some friends. Then I started taking photos of my cakes to different bridal industry businesses, showing them my work, so I could get referrals.”

And those referrals grew into Edith Hall Cakes, created by a certified master sugar artist whose cakes have appeared on shows such as Food Network’s Save My Bakery and TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off. Edith’s cakes repeatedly place in the top five at the annual Grand National Wedding Cake Competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and she attends cake conventions every year to gather new ideas and inspiration. As a home-based business, Edith Hall Cakes meets all the regulations required by Boone County and the city of Columbia, Missouri.

“I’m always motivated by meeting with the bride and learning what she has in mind, then making her dream wedding cake,” Edith shared. “Sometimes designs have challenges that improve my skills. It’s great hearing from the bride or the bride’s family about how pleased they were with the cake, not only how much it looked just like what they had in mind but how great the cake tasted. My hope is to always create cakes that taste as good as they look!”