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Pretty Pedi for Mom: Enjoy a Sweet Treat Together

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A day at the salon to get pedicures together is a fun getaway and always welcome, but why not personalize this Mother’s Day with a relaxing pedi at home? Not only will feet look smashing in your new sandals and summer slides, but there are built-in health benefits as well.

Changing your nail polish prevents infection, and trimming toenails helps ward off potentially painful ingrown toenails; massage and using an exfoliator get rid of dead skin cells. Soaking your feet is a definite stress relief and massaging your feet with lotion stimulates lymphatic and blood flow. Massage therapy extending up the calves may decrease the chances of developing varicose veins. 

Taking time to care for your feet ensures they stay clean and tidy, and you will easily notice any foot or nail problems. Buffing your nail does more than just make it shiny and clean; it increases blood flow to the area. With it, this blood flow carries nutrients that would otherwise be unavailable to the nails. 

Pedi steps to pamper your mom are simple, and the tools needed are likely under your bathroom cabinet; if not, you can pick them up at any drugstore and find luxury scrubs and creams at your favorite salon.

Settle your mom in a comfy chair and place a towel over it for any spills. Use nail polish remover to remove any existing polish. Simply soak a cotton ball and gently rub it across her nails in small, circular motions.

Next, soak her feet. For a luxurious experience, invest in a foot spa that vibrates or has jets. Otherwise, a plastic basin will work. Warm water helps clean her feet and remove any dead skin cells, but make sure the water is not too hot. Dissolve a moisturizing soap or body wash, Epsom salt or a foot soak in the water before placing Mom’s feet in the water. Epsom salt is the most natural; about a cup is adequate. Another spa-like touch is to drip five or so drops of essential oil into your water, such as peppermint, lemon or tea tree oil, to nourish your feet, and lavender essential oil adds a relaxing fragrance.

Soak for about ten minutes. Mom can relax, read a book, check social media or, if you’re having a home spa day and you’re getting a pedi too, you can share the time together. Feet and nails get soft and tender as they soak, so it will be easier to file nails and remove tough calluses.

Use a pumice stone or foot file while feet are still wet. Pumice is a light, porous volcanic rock often used to remove dead skin cells and calluses. Apply steady pressure but be careful not to push too hard. Squeeze a quarter-size amount of foot scrub into your palm and rub it between both hands. Rub your hands over both feet to apply the scrub in small circular motions to exfoliate them. Apply a cuticle-softening balm or oil serum to the base of each nail You can even use honey as a natural cuticle softening agent during the pedi. Apply a drop to the base of each nail and massage in. 

Use nail clippers to cut nails straight across to a length that’s comfortable. Avoid rounding them, especially the big toe, as this can cause ingrown toenails. File the corners a bit to soften them. Push the cuticle back gently to create a smooth surface for polish. Don’t cut the cuticle; it’s a barrier to protect skin from infection.

Change the water out to clean, warm water and rinse your mom’s feet well. Dry with a soft towel and apply a good moisturizing cream, avoiding a scented moisturizer at this point. Experts say that fragrance can cause polish to crack. 

If you are painting your toenails, toe spacers are an added touch to keep the toes apart. Be sure to apply a clear base coat or two to keep polish color from staining the nails. Find a polish color you both love, or paint each nail a different spring color. It’s even fun to add nail decals when the polish is dry. Be creative!

Self-care is important, and so is showing your mom you care. The effects of this special time can be seen and felt; foot washing has long been regarded as an act of love and humility. If you can’t be there with her, gather the products she will need to give herself her own pedi, and send them to her in a pretty basket or tub with handwritten instructions. She will feel special, pampered and loved.

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