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KT Diamond Jewelers: Cutting-Edge Design and Customer Care

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Kyle and Tracy Batisch founded KT Diamond Jewelers in 2005. Kyle is certified in grading and certifying diamonds from Gemological Institute of America and he’s also well versed in the standards of the American Gem Society.

Q: KT Diamond has been in business for over 15 years. What makes the business so special to your customers?

A: I have been working in jewelry now for nearly 22 years. I worked for other jewelry stores prior to our opening KT Diamond Jewelers in 2005, and I was able to see what a jewelry store that has to sell jewelry to stay in business was like. Needless to say, I didn’t like it. I have never liked pushy salespeople, and never was going to become one myself. I have always been taught to treat people like I would like to be treated. I also have felt that if I have to sell jewelry to someone, what is wrong with it? I have always been creative, and now I have an outlet for that.  

At KT Diamond Jewelers, we feel the customer should have the right to get what they want. We let each and every customer decide their budget and if they would like something out of our fully stocked showcases or, if we need to, order it out of a catalog. My favorite option is to custom design and create something unique for each person. Our state-of-the-art CAD program gives us a blank slate with no preloaded designs, and it allows us to create almost anything jewelry-related. We can create from a new item, or re-make an old, worn-out piece, or make a new item out of several old items. This freedom is different from other jewelry stores that can offer only very limited custom design or nothing at all. Come in and let me show you what we can do.

Q: Kyle, you’ve spent five years working with a master jeweler. What exactly is a master jeweler and how did that advance your talents?

A: For the first five years of our business, we had a DeBeers™ award-winning master jeweler working for us. He passed away in 2010, but I was able to work side by side with him during our time together. He showed and convinced me I had the talent for custom jewelry, and encouraged me to work at it. We discussed ways to make a piece last longer by making it structurally sound and using enough metal to make it sound. This is the key. Most places are forced to sell items produced in China. This is made-for-price-point only, and the quality will suffer. We had issues in the past with this, but that’s no longer true. Now I can produce a one-of-a-kind 3D model to show our customers and get their approval before we even start. Ultimately, we want every one of our pieces to last the test of time. 

Q: Tracy, what are you most proud of in the store?

A: I’m most proud of my husband, Kyle, and watching him with our customers. He creates such wonderful pieces of Allure jewelry and brings joy to our customers. In 2005, we decided to trademark our own custom design line, Allure; we spent many hours trying to find the right name, and we chose Allure because of its meaning, which is the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating. We felt what we can offer each and every one of our customers is their own piece of Allure.

Q: What are you looking forward to most with the holidays coming up? Will you offer any special services and/or designer lines?

A: I’m very excited to see the many new items we have brought to our store. The newest line is called Galatea. It’s more from an artist rather than a mass-produced line of jewelry. The pearls are hand carved into beautiful designs and truly amazing jewelry. They are sure to go fast for the holiday. Also, Kyle has been very busy designing several new pieces for our Allure showcase. One piece we donated for charity this year did so well that Kyle and I decided to create it again for this year’s customer appreciation giveaway. We have also branched out and are now carrying items that are jewelry-related such as charms, roses and beautiful trinket boxes that will make fantastic stocking stuffer. 

Q: Kyle, KT Diamond Jewelers does a lot to help support the community. What was your most recent charity event donation and why was this dear to your heart?

A: As long as I can remember, I have admired people who are in a position to give back or pay it forward to something or someone less fortunate. When I was younger and worked for others, I never was in a position to give back. Now, with our amazing success and even more amazing customer base, we now find ourselves in this humbling position. 

We sponsored 15 charities in 2019. Each charity receives a custom-made Allure creation to be used in a raffle or live auction. This is our passion. Not only do we get to be a part of the event and give back to our wonderful, amazing city, but someone gets a piece of our Allure jewelry, a win-win for everyone involved. The most recent event was being a Top Dog Sponsor at this year’s Whiskers and Wine. We have been a Top Dog Sponsor now for five years. This is an extremely gratifying event to help the Humane Society raise money for our furry little family members. Again, it just feels wonderful for us to be able to give and see what good it brings. We love this part of our business as well.

Q: What makes KT Diamond Jewelers different from other jewelers? 

A: I think I have touched on this throughout all the questions. Not to be redundant, but everything makes us different. Tracy and I have spent 15 years trying not to be like anyone else, and this seems to be working. We don’t want to be your jewelry sales people. We want to be your friend or adviser when you’re in need of some jewelry help or ideas. I was once called a salesman and politely corrected that description. I let the person know I had no intentions of selling him anything. However, I was there to help facilitate a sale of jewelry. After all, that’s what keeps us in business, but I have never felt comfortable telling our customers what they should buy, spend or when they should have it. I have always worked better when a customer tells me what they want, when they need it and how much they would like to spend.