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Closet Redesign: Important Considerations

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Q: I’m looking at re-doing my closet. What should I keep in mind?

A: There are some big questions you should ask yourself before you take the first step.

First, who is using the closet? Will it be shared? If it’s being shared by a couple, will you want it to be a mirror image or do you each want to choose your own layout? How much space will each of you get? Is this a 50-50 deal or does one person have more than the other to store?

Next, how would you ideally like to store your things? If you’re going to re-design the space, think about what you like to hang versus fold. What will you put on shelves or in a drawer? Do you like baskets or do you want to incorporate a hamper in the closet? If space is tight, double hanging your clothing makes the best use of space. Adjustable shelves also allow you to store the most, whether it’s being used for shoes or folding clothing. 

Q: I’m concerned about the existing space being large enough. What’s your advice?

A: It’s very common that people don’t have enough space to store all their belongings. Older houses weren’t built with big closets and many people just have a lot of things to store. Whether it’s a passion for dresses, an affinity for shoes or a handbag collection, it’s very easy to run out of room for your things. Have you considered a wardrobe or custom built-in on your bedroom wall? Do you have a spare room in your home that you can turn into a walk-in closet or dressing room? Consider using other spaces if you’ve already maximized your closet and still need more space.

Q: Is it better to do it myself or to hire someone?

A: There are options out there for everyone. If you’re somebody who likes a DIY project, you can go to a big box store and buy components. There are also options online for modular systems. If you’re looking to hire a professional, look for full-service companies that handle everything from the design to the professional installation. Make sure you ask questions and even go see the product in person, though. Everything can look good on a computer screen, but it’s always best to see the product in person when you’re considering a custom solution.

Written by: Joy Rafferty  

Joy Rafferty is the owner and marketing manager of California Closets of Albany/Syracuse and works in their Latham, New York, showroom, 952 Troy Schenectady Road. She and her husband have owned the business for 16 years. California Closets offers complimentary in-home design consultations. You can also see an office and wall bed display as well as many other spaces at the California Closets showroom. Joy can be reached at 518-785-5723 or visit