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We Made It!

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Congratulations. Deep breaths. All the positive thoughts as we begin this new year together.

So many have been anxious to leave behind the hardships of 2020 but know that starting a new year doesn’t necessarily mean it will all get easier overnight.

As we look ahead to this new year, what will you choose to KEEP DOING? 

What are some of the things worth keeping from your life changes of 2020?

One thing stands out to me; I hope to continue to strengthen my bonds with my inner circle.

During 2020 we were forced to narrow down the time spent together socially with all our wonderful acquaintances and friends.

But in our times of need, those in our inner circle were never more important. My bonds are deeper with my close friends and family now. I am grateful for that.

It wasn’t big things, but all the little things that kept us closer quick texts to check in; messages of support; conscious choices to check in on each other more often.

You may recognize this beauty sitting next to me; she also works on TV here in Kansas City. This was a picture from our one and only (socially distant) dinner together of 2020. Work brought us together so many years ago, but our bond of motherhood and friendship has kept us very close.

I am so very thankful for our friendship and her never-ending support. Here’s hoping we have more than one dinner together in 2021 and an even deeper bond into the new year. Love you, D!

Written by: Erin Little

Meteorologist Erin Little starts your day off with a smile and the forecast each morning on KCTV5 News This Morning. With over a decade of experience forecasting the weather in Kansas City, she understands it’s not all about the weather, but how it will impact our busy lives. Erin is thrilled to be raising her three young children in her hometown of Lee’s Summit. You can find her Monday through Friday, 4:30 a. m. to 7:00 a.m. on KCTV5 News. Connect with Erin: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @erinkctv5.