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New Growth, New Year

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This is a bittersweet moment for me, in the most wonderful way.

I have been writing monthly features for HERLIFE Magazine for nearly four years, and this will be my last monthly feature, at least for a while.

When I left my broadcast TV career in 2016, I never thought I would go back to working in television again. I walked away from a great job with an amazing team. In a sense, I had it all, but I wanted to keep growing. Leaving was scary. In all honesty, it was terrifying to walk away from the only job I had ever known to try something new. 

But once I pushed past that fear, I could clearly see a whole new world for me that didn’t exist in that old framework. It gave me a completely new perspective that wouldn’t have been possible without stepping outside my comfort zone.

When I came back to broadcast television with KCTV5 News in 2018, I walked in with a gift. The gift of a new perspective. The gift of new opportunities. The gift of a growth mindset. 

I knew that once I started back on TV, I wanted to keep doing more. I wanted to keep challenging myself with things that terrified me professionally.

Like writing in a magazine. 

I could speak to you every morning on television for hours, but I’m not a magazine writer. Right? Well, nearly four years later, after writing monthly magazine articles, I now know that I just needed to keep pushing past that fear. Our own thoughts most times are our biggest obstacles. 

Writing these monthly features for HERLIFE Magazine has allowed me to be candid and connect with Kansas City women in a completely different way. This opportunity has been a gift, one that wouldn’t have been possible without the friendship and support of Tammy McDonald and Michelle Carder. I adore you both!

Now it is time for me to do the next thing professionally that will challenge and terrify me.

Ladies, change can be hard, scary, even bittersweet at times. Trust me; it’s worth it. You are worth it to keep growing. You are strong. You are brave. You can do amazing new things into this new year. Thank you, Kansas City, for always supporting me. I love and appreciate you all!

By: Erin Little

Meteorologist Erin Little starts your day off with a smile and the forecast each morning on KCTV5 News This Morning. With over a decade of experience forecasting the weather in Kansas City, she understands it’s not all about the weather, but how it will impact our busy lives. Erin is thrilled to be raising her three young children in her hometown of Lee’s Summit. You can find her Monday through Friday, 4:30 a. m. to 7:00 a.m. on KCTV5 News.

Connect with Erin on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @erinkctv5