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New Sneaks and a new face

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New Sneaks and a NewFace

written and photographed by abby wood


As a stylist and fashion blogger, I always have new style trends on my radar. It’s my job to pass that knowledge on and determine which trends fit into each client’s personal style. My ultimate goal is to make my clients feel confident and to bring joy to their lives. Now, I’m excited to do the same for HERLIFE readers each month, sharing fashion trends and all-around style for everyday life.


I’m thrilled that my first article coincides with the start of a new season. Spring is a time for rebirth and is the perfect time to refresh fashion trends. What’s the number one trend on my radar? The re-emergence of the sneaker as the ultimate fashion shoe.


Simplicity is key in many aspects of life, and the same goes for style. I am constantly looking for trends that can be casual and chic, and sneakers that function as statement pieces are a dream come true! I love a good retro look made modern, and let’s be honest, how often do fashion trends equal comfort?


So what is my go-to sneaker style? Why, the classic Adidas Stan Smith, of course. Stan Smith was a Wimbledon and U.S. Open tennis singles champion in the early 1970s and also won eight majors in men’s doubles. Circling the fashion world since 1971, this style has passed down through my family for years. My dad the tennis star owned them. My brother, sister and I all at one point sported the coveted shoes. My niece even took her first steps in a pair of toddler Stan Smiths! Having older siblings gave me the opportunity to be a trendsetter for kids my own age. If my older brother or sister had it, you better believe I would find it in a kid size for myself. You can imagine my excitement when I experienced the rebirth of Stan Smiths for this spring and I was able to rotate the casual shoe back into my wardrobe! While trying to explain the tennis shoe phenomenon and its new place in the fashion world, my sister said it best: “Everything old is cool again.”


Other sneakers graced the spring 2016 runways as well. Designers reworked classic styles like Converse® and retro high tops to give them a more modern spin, but they were still sneakers, wearable and accessible. Even the designers, including the always-effortless Marc Jacobs, were spotted running around fashion week in Stan Smiths. While runway trends are at times difficult to translate to everyday wear, sneakers are a language everyone understands and the perfect complement as athleisure takes the spotlight in everyday fashion.

Raise your hand if you wear leggings as least one day a week. My hand is raised for sure. It’s clear that people are busier than ever now, but now you can be busy running around in something that is comfortable AND a little Sporty Spice. Grab hold of this trend and hold on tight. It’s here to stay!


How can I pull off this trend, you ask? Wear it with confidence. If your goal is a simple, classic and fresh look, go with clean white leather like the Stan Smith Superstar, or the Adidas Rod Laver, first developed in 1970 with the Australian tennis legend who won two calendar grand slams during his career. For a more playful vibe, be brave and sport a high-top or retro running sneaker.


For those of you who disposed of your precious Rod Lavers years ago, myself included, it is time to re-invest! HLM