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Swim Things: Paradise at Home

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Why would you need to travel to a tropical resort when you can have a personal oasis right in your own backyard thanks to the experienced and creative staff at Swim Things. This Blue Springs, Missouri, business is one of the top 50 pool builders in the United States, and you can have them designing your very own backyard getaway.

Experience and Innovation
“Picking a pool builder can be difficult because there are not many consumers familiar with swimming pool companies. Referrals and reputation in the industry are important to us. You get years of experience and service for warranty work, coupled with our retail store for buying all the accessories you need for your pool,” stated Vince Davenport, president of Swim Things. “We are able to provide service after construction is complete. With our store and service department, we will be here to help with any issues that come up through the life of your pool. That’s the peace of mind we bring and why people pick us to build their pool.”

Over nearly 50 years, Swim Things has developed into the area’s most notable pool construction company, developing and implementing innovative pool designs in residential and commercial pools. The 65 dedicated employees at this facility focus on exciting custom swimming pool designs and unequaled customer service. An extensive maintenance department assists customers in keeping their pools in tip-top shape. This experienced team is dedicated to guiding you from a dream to reality and then maintaining your backyard retreat. They pride themselves with being on the cutting edge of innovative trends in pool design, no matter if you’re installing new or revamping a current pool.

Smart Pools
“We’re seeing an increase in pool renovation. So many pools in this area were built in the ’80s and ’90s and need numerous repairs; those costs can rival the cost of rebuilding a new pool. It’s fun to take a standard residential pool and transform it into an updated beautiful pool,” shared Vince. “Automation has become very popular. It allows the customer to control pool or spa temperature, lights and other features with an app on your phone or tablet.”

Vince also highlights that Swim Things stands behind its products with an impressive warranty center for its Pentair™ brand of equipment. Customers can call our service department to schedule maintenance work or repairs on equipment. A fully staffed department is ready to ensure your pool is properly maintained or repaired in order to meet your needs.

Plus Accessories
In addition to featuring pool construction in Kansas City and the surrounding areas, a retail location and website offer anything and everything for your pool needs including swimsuits, pool toys, chemicals, outdoor furniture and accessories. Included at the retail store are two indoor display pools for design inspiration, and nearly a dozen Bullfrog spas are featured. 

After an expansive exterior renovation last year, Vince and his team have turned to the interior, where they will expand the current facility. Construction will occur throughout 2019 and will allow Swim Things to expand its current product lines. Most importantly, Vince notes the addition will enhance the customer shopping experience with more and bigger dressing rooms, welcoming decor and spacious aisles.

In the Beginning
Swim Things has serviced the KC metro for decades, but it started as an outlet for competitive swimsuits. Owner Chuck Baldwin was a Red Cross instructor and swim team coach for many local groups and a facility manager for several commercial swimming pools. As demand grew for competitive swimwear, Chuck began supplying Speedo suits to his students. Being at several different swimming facilities with his teams, he observed a huge need for renovating and repairing those commercial pools. He then began restoring those aging pools. This experience led Chuck into the construction of new, inground swimming pools, which gave birth to the pool building side of the Swim Things business.

Whether you’re shopping at the store for a swimsuit from an inventory of 18,000+ suits, picking up chemicals or dreaming about a pool installation, Swim Things has everything the backyard pool enthusiast will ever need. “At Swim Things, we sell top quality products in all of our lines,” noted Vince. 

“We want customers to know we offer the best swimsuits, the highest quality pool equipment in the industry and the peace of mind that we stand behind our products and work.”

Visit the showroom at 3010 SW US Highway 40, Blue Springs, Missouri, or call 816-224-2600.