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Style, Selection and Service: The Strengths of Locks and Pulls

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Bigger isn’t always better, but many consumers can’t seem to get past the notion that the big box stores always feature the best price on merchandise. Just ask John Hensley, owner of Locks and Pulls, in Overland Park, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri.

John adds that while the perception might be the chain box stores have lower prices and deeper inventory, it’s not necessarily correct. He’s constantly helping customers who think they’ve snagged a great price on a new set of door, bath or cabinet hardware at a huge corporate chain, only to find that Locks and Pulls beats their price hands down.

Great Pricing
“People think that box stores are the cheaper way to go than locally owned businesses. Just the other day a woman came in, and she thought she had hit the mother lode when she found cabinet knobs at $2 apiece at a box store. She came here to find matching pulls, which they didn’t have,” remarked John. “When she shopped at Locks and Pulls, she discovered she could have gotten the same knobs here at only $1.49 apiece. Let’s just say she took back those cabinet knobs. She needed about 30 knobs for her project and saved about $20. She got everything she needed here and at a savings.”

Offering top-quality door, bath and cabinet hardware in the KC metro, as well as for projects across the country, Locks and Pulls gives customers an incredible selection to choose from and the stock to back it up. Here, the focus is on price, selection and service.

Outstanding Variety and Inventory
John notes that not only may the price at those big stores not offer the savings anticipated, they may also have a limited selection to choose from. Locks and Pulls has 1,500 in-stock, cabinet hardware pieces. “Our volume helps us get great prices from our manufacturers, and we know them personally and have great relationships with them,” remarked John. “Locks and Pulls doesn’t have any trouble competing with the big box stores. Our goal is to satisfy a wide range of customers’ needs, with a top-quality product in both price and value.”

In addition, homeowners going to big box stores searching for stock for a whole house remodel may not find enough inventory to finish the job. Also, he adds, you may find a great price on a door handle, but the remainder of the matching pieces isn’t carried or it’s priced at a much higher cost.

Amazing Service
To help you through your decision-making process, Locks and Pulls features an incredible staff, trained and knowledgeable, with over 150 years of combined experience. These problem solvers are readily available to provide answers to all of your decorative hardware questions. They’re experts in their jobs and can lead you in the right direction.

“When someone comes into our store, we won’t tell them that you’ll find it in aisle nine. We pride ourselves in knowing we do everything possible to satisfy what a customer is looking for, and we’ve done everything we can to meet their needs,” enthused John. “We have customers all the time who walk in, see the inventory and say, ‘Wow!’ If you can’t find it here, you probably won’t find it.”

To guide a customer, John says that the staff begins with asking many questions. Many times, they start with determining the color. The massive inventory at Locks and Pulls is divided into colors to simplify the process. Next, the staff will move into understanding if the customer is replacing existing hardware or installing new. They also ascertain the style the customer wants. Then they’ll determine the dimensions and home in on the center-to-center measurements for the hole pattern. With the staff’s expert guidance, customers will never feel overwhelmed during the selection process.

Newest Style
The staff at Locks and Pulls is also up on the latest trends in hardware. For upscale designs, John reports satin brass is really hot, along with polished nickel. He’s also seeing an uptick in contemporary designs, with a more squared surface, with round or square levers and rosettes, or back plates, that are either flat round disks or squares.

Over the last three decades, this locally owned business has provided thousands of door, bath and cabinet hardware selections from stock or special orders to satisfy the most basic and the most discriminating of tastes. From starter homes to fabulous executive mansions, Locks and Pulls has served homeowners and the builder, contractor and designer industries with the finest decorative hardware from the world’s leading and most innovative manufacturers.

Isn’t it time to think outside the box store? Visit Locks and Pulls for the best selection, service and price. 

Visit the showrooms, 10333 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, Kansas, or 109 N. E. 91st Street, Kansas City, Missouri, or the website,