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Spotlight on Take Charge

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Take Charge Inc.


Most of us wouldn’t give a second thought to scheduling a dental checkup every six months or setting up an appointment with our doctor for a yearly physical. Then wouldn’t it make sense to take time with a professional to discuss our mental health and the way we deal with our personal relationships?


“You go to your dentist every six months so why not get a fine tuning for your personal relationships to better connect with your partner at an emotional level,” noted Terri Clinton Dichiser, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and founder of Take Charge, Inc. “The therapy that I employ helps individuals and couples improve relationships and deal with chronic couple distress.” Take Charge, Inc., offers counseling (individual, relationship, family, children, co-parenting, divorce); discernment counseling; and collaborative divorce/mediation.


Identifying Relationship Stressors

As she deals with couples in therapy at Take Charge, Inc., Terri finds certain topics causing stress in relationships often include sex, communication, technology and money.  Understandably, all have extreme levels of emotion and intensity.  Her goal is to treat not only the pain the person is experiencing, but help them realize an overall gain of emotional wellness. “I want my clients to learn how to understand the issues, have deep discussions between them and then move forward with solutions,” she revealed. “Otherwise, the treatment is a Band-Aid, and not a long term resolution.”

Normally when a couple experiences an issue that destabilizes the core of their relationship, the first reaction can be to sever the bond, but then realize that ending the relationship will be extremely complicated. However, they know that something must be done differently to save the relationship and begin addressing the pain.  Including the relationships fears which gripped many in the United States with the e-mail breach of Ashley Madison which is a website promoting affairs.  Many clients held their breath when this news broke because they wondered if they should check to see if their partner was a customer of the website.  If you struggle with worries like this, take action and call for therapy, don’t be isolated in the pain.

“If your spouse says that relationship counseling is necessary, think of it as 911 call. Don’t ignore it because it is a huge red flag,” stated Terri. “I work with couples to help them slow down and identify what needs to be addressed to save the relationship.”



Finding Emotional Support for Health Issues

For many of us, we want a partner on whom we can count, especially in times of trouble, when life hands us issues that seem insurmountable. In many cases, this means a concerning health problem. Because it is such a prevalent health issue, many of us will be diagnosed with cancer sometime in our lives.   We recognize this during October with Breast Cancer Awareness.  Couples may face this in a relationship and the outcome may not only damage the health of the partner who’s ill, but the overall emotional health of the couple. Terri can help partners navigate these tough times by calling upon her own personal experiences. “I have come to learn that loss and devastation can become something beautiful and a gift in your life,” noted Terri. “Of course this is something I learned after a long journey.”


Terri’s journey began more than ten years ago with her diagnosis of breast cancer. During that very dark time, she called upon friends for assistance and received a mixed reaction. “Because I was in my early 30’s, many friends were shocked and frightened, realizing if this happened to me then it could happen to them,” remembered Terri. “They had not dealt with tragedy so they didn’t know what to do or say, became distant and didn’t say anything. Others made the situation about them and the effects on them. Even though I was disappointed, I kept searching to find those that could help me. I didn’t shut these friends out, but I did let go of asking for something they were unable to provide.”


Finding the Gift of Hope

For those who were able to offer assistance, Terri found how the essentials of therapy are so effective including being together and sharing feelings and concerns, listening and understanding. “We all need support, and caring about others is such a gift. I was able to turn to others to share and to question, be angry, be hopeless, be disappointed. I was able to discuss my emotional, physical and spiritual side,” Terri said. “The support I received through the years has been amazing. My husband’s dedication, my doctors, my friends and family was tremendous, even when they were afraid. This is a gift we should readily give every day and also accept.  I do this daily with each client who comes to my office.”


No matter the situation, much of our relationship success can be built on the foundation of caring for others. In some cases, support comes from friends and family, and others call upon the professional knowledge of Terri Clinton Dichiser at Take Charge, Inc.


“I understand what it means when someone says that they have lost all hope. I have been there. I walked through very difficult moments and can truly grasp how this can make you feel,” she added. “When hopelessness gripped me, I learned the lesson that hope is attainable. HLM


To learn more about Take Charge, Inc. at 14700 Metcalf Avenue, Suite 130, Overland Park, KS, view the website at or call 913-239-8255.