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Spotlight on: Signature Behavioral Healthcare

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Signature Behavioral Healthcare: 

Effective and Accessible Change for Patients


It can feel as if you’re trapped in a revolving door when it comes to behavioral healthcare. Services can be limited and many times aren’t coordinated or consistent, leaving the individual stuck in a system that contributes little. But Signature Behavioral Healthcare offers medically based behavioral healthcare that can move patients out of this cycle and reintegrate them back into their communities.


Signature Behavioral Healthcare is a premier provider of behavioral health care services, delivered with compassion for patients and their families, respect for employees, physicians and other health professionals, accountability for clinical and ethical performance and responsibility to the Kansas City community.


Lasting Improvement Begins Here

“At Signature Behavioral Healthcare, real change can happen for our patients because we’ve done away with that revolving door of care,” commented James McMillian, LPC (Kansas), PLPC (Missouri), Signature Behavioral Healthcare. “We give our patients the tools for long-lasting change, and we help them every step of the way. Working with us, patients solidify the changes they make. It’s great to see them through that process.”


Treatment is based on the belief that through a combination of medically managed care, therapeutic intervention and education, patients can learn to effectively manage their illnesses and cope with the effects on their lives. During that process, patients can move through a structured platform beginning with intensive treatment requiring hospitalization through outpatient services. For instance, hospitalization with Signature Behavioral Healthcare is normally about a week. The Partial Hospitalization Program can run about eight days, and the Intensive Outpatient Program can last about a month.


Each Patient is Unique

“Signature Behavioral Healthcare is dedicated to meeting mental health service needs in the community, and there is a great demand. Kansas City is underserved with beds in hospitals and outpatient care,” remarked James. “The stereotype is that people go in and out of the hospital and never get better. But we want to look at how we get our patients as much help as we can and then step them down as they improve and then transition to the next level of care. People need to make lasting change in their lives and eliminate setbacks.”


Throughout treatment, the psychiatrist and the primary therapist will develop an individualized plan and oversee the patient’s progress. The treatment program at Signature Behavioral Healthcare is goal oriented, and admittance is based on the client’s symptom severity. It offers expert evaluation and treatment of depression, anxiety, alcohol dependence, drug addiction, panic, bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD, prolonged grief and much more.


Addressing Geriatric Needs

Another area that Signature Behavioral Healthcare is focusing on is care for the elderly. Once again, the company offers a complete array of services under the umbrella of one provider. “As the population of senior citizens grows, we’re seeing an expanding need for elderly behavioral care,” noted James. “Depression, suicidal thoughts, extreme anger or outbursts, substance abuse and alcohol abuse can impact them. At Signature Behavioral Healthcare, we have an emerging geriatric psychiatric program to address these issues, and Medicare does cover many of our services.”


Signature Behavioral Healthcare follows the patient throughout his or her entire treatment process. All patients receive consistent, coordinated care from one provider, not a patchwork of providers who may or may not be in communication. “This helps us provide the best care possible. It also helps us prevent them from falling through the cracks and perhaps regressing to inpatient settings,” commented James. “If patients start to feel they’re relapsing, they can move back to our intensive outpatient program.”


Family Education and Support

Signature Behavioral Healthcare is not only focused on the patient but also his or her family or support system. The role these individuals play in assisting the patient in their behavioral healthcare treatment is critical to overall success. “Our Intensive Outpatient Program offers a family session at no charge. It helps them gain a better understand of what their loved one is going through and how they can help,” stated James. “In addition, we offer Care Educational Nights at our north Kansas City location, and we cover different topics each week.”


Signature Behavioral Healthcare has an intensive network of facilities offering care to the Kansas City community. Multiple locations can help meet the needs of residents throughout the metro. “We really focus on bringing care to the individual, and we have many locations in cities across the area. We’re in the process of expanding to Blue Springs and other areas will follow,” promised James.


“For successful delivery of behavioral healthcare, it needs to be easy to access for the patient. For us, we’re concentrating on being readily available to the clients so they don’t have to travel long distances. Being more accessible means they will be more likely to finish their treatment and have a successful outcome. At Signature Behavioral Healthcare, we want to help our patients take the necessary steps to reintegrate into their lives and society.” HLM


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