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Spotlight on Premier Custom Care

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Premeir Custom Care – Exceeding Expectations in Supporting Families

It was eight years ago that Bennett Jackson arrived in this world at just 28 weeks. His parents, Alysha and Dan, spent countless hours and days in the neonatal intensive care unit, hoping for a positive outlook, and relying heavily on others to see them through their frightening situation.

When Bennett was eventually allowed to come home, Alysha and Dan found that not only had their friends and family aided them during a difficult emotional time, but also had taken care of things around the house. Laundry was done, housekeeping was in place and meals were prepared. “Our KC family really took care of us, helping us through a very tough time. After that experience, we wanted to find a way to pay that goodwill forward,” remembered Alysha.“Just a few years later, we founded Premier Custom Care.”

Maintaining Independence

Alysha has now spent the better part of six years helping others through her Prairie Village, Kansas, business, dedicated to enabling clients to stay in their homes even though they’re going through a serious health issue. “At Premier Custom Care, we focus on supporting families and clients who are trying to stay in their homes in an independent living situation,” remarked Alysha. “We offer support with daily living tasks for clients battling disease, working through rehab or relying on hospice. Some clients are long term and others are not. We have served people from 8 to 98 years old, but our primary target is elderly individuals.”

What differentiates Premier Custom Care from other home care companies is its approach. Staff prides itself on understanding each client’s situation, needs, wants and personality. An individualized care plan takes into consideration things such as: what time breakfast should be served, how much sugar goes in a client’s coffee, or what television shows they enjoy. Taking into account current medical requirements, this plan revolves around these desires without disrupting routines and personal preferences.


A Personal and Team Approach

“Our services vary from traditional activities such as feeding, bathing, cleaning, cooking to running errands,” noted Alysha. “We’ll partner with your home healthcare provider to ensure needs are being met and plans are followed. We can offer a team approach for care that’s required 24/7, but the average client uses our services 20 to 30 hours per week.”

Premier Custom Care is set apart from the competition by its extensive roster of experienced and knowledgeable employees. Caregivers are dedicated, with a heartfelt compassion for family, friends and neighbors. This company understands that great people provide great care. These employees vary in professional caring, nursing and personal backgrounds, with the majority being Certified Nursing Assistants, Medical Assistants or comparable medical professionals. Premier Custom Care’s meticulous interview process includes national and local background checks, drug screens, driving record checks and personal and professional references. “We go the extra mile in hiring our employees and then placing them with the client,” stated Alysha. “We make sure they’re the perfect fit, and the client is engaged with the caregiver. That’s the best situation.”


Superior Communication

Each caregiver keeps a Care Journal for the client, providing a timeline to log important health indicators. “Our Care Journal is an essential part of your loved one’s wellness strategy. These journals are online and interactive so that families, medical professionals and other caregivers can follow key details of a client’s daily life,” noted Alysha. “We believe expansive communication offers a better care method for our clients.”

Not only is Premier Custom Care focused on the health of the client, the staff is also willing to negotiate a wellness strategy involving other resources. “We have the care of the client foremost in our minds, referring clients to other levels of care when it comes to that point,” revealed Alysha. “We want to get the families to the right place even if it’s not us, and we can help clients negotiate the next level of care such as skilled nursing. The happier and safer we can make the client, the better.”


Paying it Forward

What began as a way to pay back a community for assistance given during the birth of a premature child, who is now a healthy eight-year-old, has been carried to the other end of the spectrum with elderly care. Premier Custom Care prides itself on paying forward that goodwill to you and your family. HLM

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