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Spotlight on Leawood Counseling Center

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ebruary is known as the month of love. But what if it seems Cupid’s arrows are tipped with unhappiness, bitterness and distrust for your relationship?

To see you through your woes, talk with Lynne Weilert, a licensed therapist at Leawood Counseling Center, to provide helpful guidance to see you through those tough times.  “Every couple has issues to work out,” noted Lynne. “But good communication is the most important tool to employ to help you make positive changes. If you do that, you’ll have a greater chance to enjoy a healthier long-term relationship.”


Learning Healthy Communication Skills

She also points to an individual’s willingness to compromise and accept adversity in life to make the best of a difficult situation. A positive approach is critical in achieving a healthy relationship. If both parties are willing to grow those characteristics, then chances for success are solid. With Lynne’s guidance, many couples find that learning to manage conflict in a healthy way is very beneficial to their relationship.

The bulk of the issues Lynne helps clients through include financial disagreements, an extramarital affair, alcohol abuse, child rearing and problems with in-laws. She’s also observing a big increase in the negativity that “technology overload” can bring to a relationship. “Instagram, emails from work, Facebook, Twitter. Keeping up with them is like having another job because we’re constantly checking our phones, trying to stay in touch with everyone,” commented Lynne. “Many aren’t paying attention to their personal connections because of this obsession with the Internet. Children are too busy texting to participate in family discussions, and that’s not healthy.”


Influence of Technology

Lynne advises that you put away your smartphones or computers and take time to think about things, reflect on the day and learn how to manage technology appropriately. “Take the time to interact on a more personal level, or you’ll miss out on important information, which can impair a healthy relationship with your spouse and children,” she states.

Many individuals have successfully used the Internet to reach out to others and start new relationships. But Lynne advises caution. “Be careful to look beyond the superficial and really get to know the people you meet on line. Making the wrong choice can end up being a disaster for you and/or your children.”



When couples come to her, Lynne will normally begin the process by seeing each person separately because clients are usually more willing to be open about themselves and their relationship. After the initial assessment is made, she will see both of them together. “It’s up to the couple, but whatever the situation, it’s important they realize I cannot take sides,” stated Lynne. “I stay neutral and offer ideas and various professional approaches to each of them that will help them understand their differences and work to find common ground.”

Lynne’s office within the Leawood Counseling Center, 11100 Ash Street, Suite 100, offers a very comfortable environment for her clients that’s relaxing and, most importantly, all discussions held there are confidential. She encourages clients to feel safe in sharing thoughts, voicing concerns and exploring new ways to think about the challenges life brings and the choices they make.


Recognizing Compatibility

Lynne can help you explore your options, grow realistic expectations and look past the notion of the perfect companion. “Rarely do they exist, but some people set their expectations so high, they never find the ‘right’ person,” she commented. “I help clients determine the human qualities that will bring them long-term happiness, such as ethical behavior, a sense of empathy, a willingness to compromise, similar opinions on child raising, religion and saving or spending money. I recommend avoiding individuals who are controlling, difficult or abusive, who possess destructive or addictive behaviors or who seem to lack a moral compass. People who have characteristics of desirability or wealth but lack the human qualities needed for a healthy long-term relationship are a recipe for disaster.” If Cupid’s arrows seem to be missing their mark, contact Lynne at the Leawood Counseling Center. She’ll point you in the right direction and help you build a healthy, loving relationship.

In addition, Lynne feels it is important to stay current on various treatment strategies, and she frequently attends professional training seminars to enable her to provide the best possible service for her clients. She also offers special rates for students and seniors. Lynne also works with individuals seeking help for depression, anxiety, PTSD, bi-polar disorder, a serious personal or family health crisis, grief and loss, workplace or adult bullying, assertiveness training and many other personal or mental health concerns. HLM


For an appointment, call Lynne at 913-221-1038, and visit her website at Your first visit is complimentary.