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Spotlight on Compassionate Family Care

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Compassionate Family Care:

Unique Medical Care 

That Meets Individual Needs

“Everything they claimed would improve, has improved!”  There’s no better testimonial than one that comes from a very happy patient, especially when the potential treatment outcomes were actually achieved. In this case, it’s a KC metro couple, in their early 50s, who have been using SottoPelle hormone therapy from Compassionate Family Care in Lenexa, Kansas.


Results through SottoPelle Therapy

“My husband, Tim, and I have been very happy with our results from SottoPelle. We have been doing the pellet insertions for almost two years. For me, there are no more night sweats, hot flashes, fuzzy memory, irritability and low libido. Within three weeks, all these areas improved, and with each insertion, they got better,” revealed Sara. “With more energy, we have both been able to get in the best physical shape of our lives. Tim’s energy level has greatly improved, enabling him to workout on a regular basis, building more muscle and mass, clearer thinking and great libido.”


These happy patients are just two of the many satisfied ones enjoying the benefits of hormone replacement therapy using SottoPelle at Compassionate Family Care and the expertise of Dr. Laura Ray and her experienced staff. In the past few years, Compassionate Family Care has seen a significant increase in patients needing hormone replacement therapy to restore diminished quality of life. Dr. Ray works with both men and women to help understand their issues and prescribe bio-identical hormones to meet their needs.


A Plan for Each Person

“With hormone replacement therapy, we’re able to restore the body to its fully functional state, much like it was in our prime when everything worked well and we felt great,” noted Dr. Ray. “We specialize in SottoPelle pellet therapy, which not only uses bio-identical hormones, but delivers them to the bloodstream the same way that your body does, giving it the amount it needs, when it needs it.”


Through the SottoPelle pellet therapy, an individualized plan can be tailored for the unique needs of your body, female or male. Your individualized treatment plan helps you overcome a number of issues including fatigue, weight gain, decreased motivation and desire, loss of concentration, decreased libido, lack of focus, lethargy, hot flashes and night sweats.


Environment of Support

Compassionate Family Care was founded on the idea that each patient is a unique person, which requires an individualized approach to wellness. The team is focused on meeting those needs in a caring environment by taking the time to listen to each patient and fully understand their wants and needs. Beginning with lab work and symptom evaluation, the team uses this data as the basis of developing a strategy to meet the needs of each patient.


“Our treatment is very individualized,” commented Dr. Ray. “We draw labs to determine hormone levels. With those results, I’ll discuss symptoms with the patient and fully understand their concerns and the goals they’d like to achieve. By combining all of that information, we’ll outline their plan of care.”


Improving Quality of Life

A key understanding Dr. Ray shares is that hormone replacement therapy is not an older person’s issue. In fact, some of her patients are in their 20s. While most females don’t go through menopause until their 50s, hormone production begins to decrease much earlier, usually in their 30s. Many symptoms can begin to show at that time as well. Decreased hormone production for males starts in their 30s and 40s, but noticeable symptoms sometimes don’t appear until levels have drastically declined. However, medical conditions can cause those levels to decline much sooner.


“While many people believe that hormone therapy is only for older people, we have found that both men and women can start having hormone issues that affect their quality of life as early as 20 or 30 years of age,” said Dr. Ray.


Connecting with Patients

Many medical practices in the KC metro offer hormone replacement therapy, but Dr. Ray prides herself on the personalized transformation Compassionate Family Care offers patients. “It is our personal touch and attention to patients that makes such a difference,” she remarked. “Any medical practitioner can put in a pellet or prescribe a hormone regimen. At Compassionate Family Care, we make a connection, listen to them, and determine the best options for the patient. All of this comes in a friendly, warm and comfortable environment.” Working alongside Dr. Ray are Morgan Bergman, APRN, NP-C; Megan Caldwell, APRN, NP-C; and Sarah Wallace, APRN, NP-C, as well as her talented and caring office staff.


Since June 2012, Dr. Ray and her team at Compassionate Family Care have treated thousands of patients with her individualized care model. Her work with SottoPelle hormone replacement therapy has brought a better sense of self and an increased ability to enjoy life more fully to hundreds of men and women. If you’re looking for unique medical care where the emphasis is on meeting your needs, call Compassionate Family Care. HLM


Visit Dr. Ray’s office at 15900 College Boulevard, Suite 100, Lenexa, Kansas, her website at or call 913-744-4300.