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Spotlight: Dr. Levi Young: Artistic Eye for Cosmetic Surgery

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written by cindy mcdermott  |  photos by lauren frisch pusateri

Whether it’s designing the placement of brushstrokes on a canvas or planning the location of where a chisel will strike a piece of marble, great artists can envision the final outcome of their artwork. They carefully analyze the process of how they will move from the first sitting of their model to the wonderful final creation.

Much like the great masters, Dr. Levi Young, Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Kansas, calls upon his artist abilities and his clear sense of seeing the end result of his efforts at his plastic surgery practice in Overland Park. He’s an accomplished artist with charcoal sketches and watercolors as his favorite media.

Analysis for Beautiful Results

“What makes me distinctive in the field of cosmetic surgery is that I am an artist with a very critical eye. My artistic nature gives me the ability to analyze each patient and develop the best individualized treatment plan for the desired outcome. It gives me a unique eye for when I’m evaluating a patient or conducting the surgical procedure,” noted Dr. Young. “I love seeing the outcomes as well as the patient’s response to their procedures. At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Kansas, my patients are going to have a great experience.”

Dr. Young is a lifelong Kansas City native, and all of his medical education was obtained in the KC area. With his board certification in plastic surgery, he offers an extensive array of body contouring procedures such as breast augmentation, abdominoplasty and liposuction along with facial plastic surgery procedures such as rhinoplasty and brow lift surgery. He’s focused on building an individualized treatment plan for every patient that is well explained and set to deliver amazing results.

Accolades and Recognition

His track record is impressive. He’s been voted one of the top three plastic surgeons in the greater Kansas City area for 2015-2016 by Pitch Weekly magazine. The American Institute of Plastic Surgeons recognized him as one of the ten best practices for client satisfaction for 2015-2016, and he was voted one of the top international plastic surgeons for 2015-2016.

“I enjoy what I do, especially developing a deep commitment to educating patients and understanding their goals,” remarked Dr. Young. “I’m able to express to them the outcomes and what they’ll see for themselves. I am compassionate, caring and dedicated to building a personal relationship with every patient to ensure that the patient’s goals and expectations are understood.  I have a dynamic personality, enjoying the challenge of plastic surgery, with a dedication to creating a professional and fun experience for the patient throughout the entire process.”

Complementing Dr. Young in his mission is his wonderful and caring staff, all of whom share his commitment to educating the patients. His office features experienced staff members who care for their patients from the very first consultation until the process is complete with the patient fully recovered and satisfied with his or her services.

Assurance of Decisions

While education is an important part of the process, Dr. Young is also focused on helping his patients become comfortable with their decision to have plastic surgery, especially when it comes to cosmetic breast surgery. Many women are hesitant to have this type of surgery, but Dr. Young sees it as essential to woman’s femininity and sexuality, positively impacting her self-image.

“Cosmetic breast surgery is not about overcompensating a woman’s vanity. It’s about helping her regain her sense of self. Some of my patients have told me they’re embarrassed to be seen naked by their husbands,” revealed Dr. Young. “I tell them they shouldn’t feel selfish for doing something for themselves. I’m trying to help women achieve what they looked like before breast feeding or giving birth. With cosmetic breast surgery, they can feel comfortable with their sense of femininity and their sense of self. They’ve given so much to their families. Now it’s their time to give back to themselves.”

Making Choices Easier

In addition, Dr. Young has multiple ways to help patients fund the surgeries he performs. Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Kansas offers them the option to finance their procedures. “These options were created for people who don’t want to tie up their traditional credit sources with medical debt or those who simply can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket healthcare charges at one time,” noted Dr. Young. “It’s no longer necessary to delay a surgical procedure that you really want or worry about the inability to pay for treatment. With the options at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Kansas, you can make low monthly payments over an extended period of time.”

If you’ve been contemplating cosmetic surgery, reach out to Dr. Young at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Kansas. You’ll be putting yourself into the hands of a skilled surgeon with an artistic flair who’s focused on producing his next masterpiece–you. HLM

Visit the website at, the offices at 14340 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, Kansas, or call 913-299-5100.