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Premier Custom Care: Individualized for Your Loved One’s Needs

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A   trip home for the holidays should be filled with excitement and joy. But this visit to Mom and Dad’s brought you worry and apprehension. You and your siblings noted something wasn’t right when you came for Thanksgiving. The home you grew up in was in disarray and unkempt. Spoiled food sat in the refrigerator; your parents were having trouble keeping up with everyday tasks. Follow-up phone conversations between you and your siblings were concerning. Today, as a team, you will discuss these issues with your elderly parents and try to find ways to help them help themselves.

When this situation occurs, many in the KC metro turn to Premier Custom Care for assistance. “The holidays can be a time to discover things, because everyone comes back to Mom and Dad’s place. The children find items out of place, and day-to-day health routines are not okay. Brothers and sisters get together in the same room and talk things through, and then we get panic calls,” shared Alysha Jackson, owner, Premier Custom Care. “Sometimes when they call, the kids say they may be jumping the gun. I tell them that if you’re calling us, you know there’s an issue that needs to be addressed.”

Maintaining Independence
Premier Custom Care, located in Prairie Village, Kansas, focuses on supporting families and clients who are trying to stay in their homes in an independent living situation. Alysha and her incredible staff offer support with daily living activities for clients managing aging, navigating disease, pursuing rehabilitation, or working through hospice and/or palliative care.  Some clients are long term and others are not.  Premier Custom Care serves a range of clients, but the primary audience is elderly.

A number of options are available to consider for people needing assistance, but Premier Custom Care separates itself from the competition with its “custom to you” approach. The team prides itself on understanding each client’s situation, needs, wants and personality. An individualized care plan takes into consideration items such as what time breakfast should be served, how much sugar goes in a client’s coffee, or what television shows they enjoy. Following current medical requirements, this plan revolves around these desires without disrupting routines and personal preferences.

Custom Care Planning
“At Premier Custom Care, we base our ‘custom to you’ plan on five core things: meals, household help, safety for the client, prescription reminders and appointments. Every client needs help with each one differently and at various levels of care. Perhaps one client wants more companionship; another has mobility issues and another has medical care needs,” remarked Alysha. “The important thing is that we don’t just come in and take over. We want to be of the most service to the client. Our slogan is ‘We treat you and your loved one like family.’”

Services range from traditional activities such as feeding and bathing to cleaning, cooking, and running errands.  Premier Custom Care even partners with medical healthcare providers to ensure needs are met and care plans are followed.  It’s a team approach for assistance, varying from several hours per week to 24/7 care.

“At Premier Custom Care, our goal is to keep people in their homes as long as they can safely stay there. We’ll help them get to the next point in their life and allow them to leave on their terms. We go the extra mile with our caregivers because we are not the typical agency. Our caregivers aren’t shift fillers. We hire individuals who strive to go to the next level of assistance. We’re passionate about this, and we’ve got the right team in place to help you and your family,” revealed Alysha. “One client decided to switch from us to a low-cost provider. A few weeks later, he asked us to take him back because he couldn’t believe the difference in the services provided.”

Professional, Caring Staff
Premier Custom Care is set apart from the competition by its extensive roster of experienced and knowledgeable employees. Caregivers are dedicated, with a heartfelt compassion for family, friends and neighbors. Premier Custom Care ensures they’re the right fit, engaging with the client as they carry out a plan focused on temporary assistance or long-term care.

“This company understands that great people provide great care, and we want to be a good place to work and give great care. These employees vary in professional caring, nursing and personal backgrounds, with the majority being certified nursing assistants and medical assistants or comparable medical professionals,” stated Alysha. “Our meticulous interview process includes national and local background checks, drug screens, driving record checks and personal and professional references.”

Whether it’s the holiday season or any time of year, when you’re having that heartfelt discussion about increased care in the home for those you hold dear, turn to the folks at Premier Custom Care. Their experienced, knowledgeable and caring staff, guided by a custom care plan, will treat you and your loved one like family. ■

To learn more, visit or call 816-531-2210.