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Plaza Implants: Expertise and Technology Create Beautiful Smiles

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Beginning with the end in mind is the philosophy at Plaza Implants. In fact, they believe it’s the only method that can deliver the best possible outcome for their patients.

Located at 4546 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri, Bruce Twaddle, DDS, leads this experienced team, providing customized dental implants supported by the latest state-of-the-art technology available in dentistry.

Best Technology and Training
“Our experience level is quite extensive. We’ve placed thousands of dental implants since 1989. When you’re looking for a high level of expertise in dental implants, you want to see someone with vast experience who is capable of delivering a great degree of precision,” noted Dr. Twaddle. “In addition, we place great value on continuous learning. In the last ten years, our staff has accumulated more than 800 hours of continuing education focused on the art of dental implants.”

Dr. Twaddle’s dental implant experience is so profound he’s earned Diplomate status in the International Congress of Oral Implantology, a position achieved by fewer than five percent of all members. He has lectured locally and internationally on the topic.

“Diplomate status should tell patients a lot about the level of experience we provide at Plaza Implants,” shared Dr. Twaddle. “To achieve that status, one must demonstrate a high level of knowledge, ability and proficiency in implant dentistry that is recognized by a rigorous examination process.”

To further enhance the patient experience, Dr. Twaddle builds strong relationships with other medical and dental professionals, utilizes the best digital technology and partners with outstanding dental laboratories. “We work with many others in the field to expand our knowledge,” remarked Dr. Twaddle. “Over time, we’ve seen many, many different cases; in fact, there are not many we haven’t seen.”

Precision and Planning
At Plaza Implants, teamwork is the basis of a successful treatment regimen. The staff employs the latest three-dimensional technology to develop an enhanced view of the implant area. This allows Dr. Twaddle to analyze and measure the dental structure, soft tissue, nerve paths and bone in the area. This is critical for successful outcomes because implants are only as good as the surrounding bone. The detailed work translates into precise treatment planning and perfect positioning for the implant.

“We have high levels of compassion and understanding for our patients,” affirmed Dr. Twaddle. “It’s important to me that the final product looks outstanding. I want people to say to you that you have a beautiful smile, not that you have great dental implants.”

Plaza Implants works with new patients as well as those referred by local dentists. As a result of the comprehensive service, a new implant can be installed or an old one can be restored. Because Plaza Implants begins with the end in mind, there are no surprises when it comes to the cost of a procedure.

Less Pain, Beautiful Smile
While trips to the dentist can cause angst for some, Dr. Twaddle assures that the implant process usually amounts to minimal discomfort. “Certainly, each case is different, but ours tend to be very atraumatic. With 99 percent of our cases, we simply use anti-inflammatory medications post-operative, such as Advil, Tylenol and Motrin. Few painkillers are prescribed because they’re simply not necessary,” revealed Dr. Twaddle. “There’s usually not a lot of down time either. Recently, one of my patients had 16 extractions and implants on Tuesday and went back to work on Thursday.”

If you’re missing one or more teeth or wear dentures, you now have a convenient option that enables you to enjoy life even more with teeth that look, feel and function like your own. Best of all, they’ll last a lifetime. Visit the vastly experienced staff at Plaza Implants. Knowing your outcome before you begin the process can result in a lifetime of perfect smiles. ■

Visit the website at or call 816-359-8248.