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Megan Marshall and The Good Living Expo: “Gathering Together is a Great Way to Learn and Stay Connected!”

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For many years, the Just For Her events have drawn thousands of women from around the Kansas City area. Megan Marshall, the new owner of the franchise, plans to expand the shop-pamper-treat concept to yet another exciting event this month, the Good Living Expo, to be held at the Overland Park Convention Center, 6000 College Boulevard, Overland Park, Kansas, January 7 and 8, 2022. It’s an interactive health, wellness and fitness expo featuring a variety of local Kansas City companies, including fitness centers, healthy food vendors and anything that falls into the category of health and wellness. 

“People can see the newest health and fitness trends and participate in live fitness classes on stage,” Megan explained. “We will also feature companies focusing on mental and health awareness, such as chiropractors and yoga instructors. This is not a huge shopping event, as our other events are. Attendees will be able to purchase some fitness and health items onsite; however, it’s more geared to creating awareness about those companies and how people can benefit.” 

A Healthy Start
It’s the ideal time of year for such an event, as everyone is creating new goals for the new year, and it highlights the importance of “living the good life” through staying fit, active and healthy. Men, women and families who want to enhance their lifestyle through fitness, natural beauty, nutrition, weight loss and staying or becoming healthy both physically and mentally will find a great way to be encouraged! More than 150 vendors will be on hand, including scrumptious food trucks to tempt the palate, and there will be a special, fun section for children, sponsored by Bizzy Babies, to keep them occupied while Mom and Dad peruse the displays.

Megan is excited to offer Just For Her, and she’s planning to hold more events for local corporations. She named her company Farfalla Events LLC; farfalla means butterfly in Italian and it has a special significance for her. 

“I come from a long line of strong Italian women, with my mom and grandma being the two most influential people in my life. My daughter Gigi’s middle name is my grandma’s maiden name, Tidona,” she mused. “I was fortunate enough to be by my grandma’s side when she was passing away and there was a day when my mom and I took her out on her patio to get some fresh air. The three of us were just sitting there enjoying the moment when a monarch butterfly flew over us. My grandma wasn’t talking much at this point, and she looked up at us and said, ‘How beautiful that butterfly is! I wish I was that butterfly right now and I could get up and fly like it.’ It wasn’t too much longer afterward that my grandma passed away. The butterfly is symbolic of her for my mom and me; we remember her that way. I try to keep her close to my heart every day and make her proud because there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish she was here with me.”

History and Experience
She purchased the franchise in August 2021 from her friend, Amy Jacobsen. Megan’s family has ownership in GreatLIFE Golf, which has 20 local golf courses and fitness centers, and she had been working with them since 2012 as head of corporate sales. “In March, I wanted to take a step back. I was pregnant and hoping to take some time. I had my own retail shop, the Girl Boutique, in Hawthorne Plaza, so I got to know the retail side and I enjoy helping people,” she smiled.

Megan grew up in Kansas City, attending high school at Notre Dame de Sion, then earned her degree in textile management from MU. She met her husband, Larry Marshall, following graduation, and the two have three children, Emerson, six, Genevieve, four, and one-month-old Oliver. “Larry is the muscle of my business, when necessary,” she mused.

HERLIFE Magazine co-sponsors the Just For Her events, and is very invested in the health of our community. This event will be one more way for us to come out of COVID positive, renewed and revived!

Visit for more information. The Spring Chick Event will be held the end of April 2022 and the Just For Her event is set for June 2022.