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KMC Dermatology & MedSpa: Skill, Knowledge, Experience and Caring

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KMC Dermatology & MedSpa believes patients throughout the Kansas City metro deserve superb aesthetic care that goes beyond the surface. Recently, a third KMC MedSpa location opened in the Legends at 10940 Parallel Parkway, Suite M, Kansas City, Kansas, to meet the demands of the growing market. This facility joins two other medical spas in the Kansas Medical Clinic family: 6333 Long Avenue, Suite 360, Shawnee, Kansas, which opened in July 2016; and 11301 Nall Avenue, Suite 205, Leawood, Kansas.

“We’re proud and excited to expand our locations to meet the demands for medical spa services in the KC area,” noted Dr. Meena Singh, board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, KMC Dermatology/Med Spa & Hair Center. “There aren’t many medical spa services available around the Legends shopping area. We’re excited to open the KMC MedSpa and offer a full array of services to our clientele living in the northern part of Kansas City.”

Full Array of Services
“At KMC Dermatology & MedSpa, we offer affordable laser hair removal, laser skin corrections, cosmetic injections, chemical peels, facials, Intense Pulsed Light lasers for diminishing age spots, microdermabrasion, dermaplane, waxing, Botox®, Juvéderm®, Dysport® and other injectables,” noted Cortney Yearout, KMC Dermatology & MedSpa, and an esthetician with more than ten years of experience. “We also carry a full line of skin care products and makeup.”

In addition to the impressive array of services, KMC MedSpa is partnered with the Kansas Medical Clinic Dermatology, with locations across the KC metro. This gives patients even more options when considering treatment opportunities.

“We’re incorporated with Kansas Medical Clinic Dermatology and that gives us a close connection with those medical professionals on staff,” shared Cortney. “We can offer many more services for our patients with that affiliation.”

Medicine and Esthetics
“If they have medical conditions or other needs that must be addressed or go beyond the skill set of our estheticians, we’re right there,” noted Dr. Singh. “As a patient, you experience a full range of coverage and treatments provided. Some spas only do cosmetics and have to refer patients to a dermatologist. But we have physicians on staff, offering consultation with a medical appointment if necessary. It’s really a two-pronged approach—a dermatologist and an esthetic treatment.”

At Kansas Medical Clinic Dermatology, Dr. Singh treats alongside an impressive roster of physicians, providing cutting-edge care to all patients. Her advanced skill set includes a surgical fellowship in hair restoration surgery and skin cancer surgery. The others making up the group’s impressive lineup of caregivers at Kansas Medical Clinic Dermatology are current on the latest treatments and techniques. These providers have trained at nationally recognized institutions such as Harvard, the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and many others. You can have the absolute highest confidence in working with the staff at KMC Dermatology & Med Spa.

Whether you need medical dermatology treatments or want to freshen up your look, you can turn to the helpful staff at Kansas Medical Clinic Dermatology. They’ll work with you to develop a plan that gets below the surface, offering healing and answers. “No matter if you’re enjoying the services of KMC Dermatology or the KMC MedSpa, we do our best with every client. We focus on treating them with VIP service because we go above and beyond,” noted Dr. Singh. “That’s simply the way we do business. Each person, every day will leave satisfied that their needs were addressed.”

Personalized and Individualized Plans
The staff at KMC MedSpa is highly focused on meeting each patient’s needs with individualized care. After a thorough assessment, which includes determining the goals of the patient, a strategic plan is developed to address these issues. With this unique blueprint, treatment areas will be determined along with the skin care technique and time frame that will be employed to meet your skin care goals. “We pride ourselves in treating our patients as individuals. We don’t offer a skin care plan that’s the same from one person to the next,” stated Dr. Singh. “This is a much more personal experience.”

“At KMC MedSpa, we’re well educated in every procedure or treatment we perform at our locations throughout Kansas City. You’re not only getting service that’s convenient but also the best,” remarked Cortney. “Continuing education is an important part of our work and separates us from the competition. As for our equipment, we’re pleased to offer the most current and state-of-the-art technology available on the market.” Every KMC MedSpa location greets you within a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere with helpful and knowledgeable staff.

No matter where you are in the KC metro, a KMC MedSpa is close by, offering a full range of services to help you look your best. When you couple that with the skill, experience and knowledge of the Kansas Medical Clinic Dermatology staff, you’ll discover why they’re so successful at going beyond the surface to help you put your best face and body forward. ■

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